Zee Superhit Spoilers Aapke Aa Jane Guddan

Zee Spoilers Block Hits 21st June 2019

Zee Superhit Spoilers Aapke Aa Jane Se: Puneesh takes a disguise of a Sardar Lakhan Singh. He tries to impress Sahil and Vedika to get back in their lives. He puts them in trouble and then saves them, so that they take him home to give him some shelter and work. He acts helpless to emotionally blackmail them. Sahil and Vedika want to get divorced. They have to stay in the same house until their divorce is granted. Vedika thanks Puneesh aka Lakhan Singh to save them from the accident. She tells him that even her baby’s life was at risk. She wants to help him. They learn that Lakhan is an orphan. They decide to give him a shelter at their home.

They don’t know Lakhan is Puneesh and is cheating them again. Lakhan thanks them for their big hearted decision. Puneesh will bring a new storm in their lives. Meanwhile, Vedika falls asleep. Sahil takes care of baby. Pankti tries to help Sahil. Vedika wakes up and gets to see them. She suspects their affair and insults Pankti. She badly comments on them. Sahil loses his cool and slaps Vedika. Vedika gets a big shock with his slap. Pankti apologizes to Vedika. Vedika blasts anger on her. She starts hating Pankti. She feels she has lost Pankti forever. Pankti feels sorry seeing the bad happening.

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega: Guddan and Akshat are falling in love. Guddan gets happy with Akshat’s lovely surprise on Valentine’s Day. Their enemy gets after their lives. Guddan gets kidnapped by Akshat’s manager Vijay. Vijay keeps them hostage. Akshat can’t believe that his manager can do such a thing. Vijay is heartbroken and wants revenge on all the couples who are in love. Vijay ruins their romance plans. Akshat tries to explain Vijay about Guddan and his relation. Vijay tests Akshat’s love for her. Akshat requests him for releasing Guddan.

Vijay threatens to kill them. He asks them to confess love to each other and admit if they are really wishing to stay together forever. He warns Akshat against lying, since he has seen Akshat hugging her. He troubles them and makes them dance being blindfold. Vijay puts them in a fix. He spreads the poisonous gas and gives them one oxygen mask. He asks them to save each other by sharing the single mask, or save oneself. He tests their love by the dangerous final round. He wants to see how Akshat and Guddan survive now. Akshat and Guddan share the mask and try to save each other. Vijay tells them that they can’t cheat him, they are very much in love.

Ishq SubhanAllah:
Everyone is worried for Elena’s future. Aisha gets an alliance for Elena. Kabeer tells her that Elena should complete her studies and then think of marriage. He doesn’t want to hurry up for her marriage. He asks Aisha to halt these things for some time. Zara understands his fears regarding Elena. Aisha tells Kabeer that the alliance is really good, they should consider it. Kabeer stays firm on his decision.

Rajaa Beta: Sanju does what Ramesh asks him to do and provokes the patients’ parents. He determines to send Purva and Vedant to jail. Police come home and asks who is Purva. Purva says she is Purva and asks what happened? Inspector tells her about the case against her when the kids fell critical after having the cake. He arrests Purva. Dadi tries to stop the Police, but the Inspector doesn’t agree to leave her. Dadi calls Vedant and informs him about Purva’s arrest. Vedant assures her that everything will be fine.

Inspector takes Purva to Police station. Purva tells that she is innocent and didn’t do anything deliberately. He asks her to pray to God to make the kids fine else she will have life imprisonment. Purva gets shocked. Vedant comes to the Police station. Purva tells him that she had labeled the ingredients rightly, but don’t know how it changed. Vedant senses big conspiracy is done by his family.


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