Yeh Rishta Radha Krishna twist for Kaira next

Yeh Rishta Radha Krishna twis

Yeh Rishta Radha Krishna twist. Kartik gets few words of wisdom from a saint in the temple. He gets the right guidance just in the time when he needs someone. Kartik wants to meet Naira, but is afraid to lose her forever. He heads to the temple to get the answers for his questions. Naira also reaches the temple to get support from the God. She also wants her answers regarding the person she has seen. She wants to know who is Kartik. Singhanias takes Naira to the temple so that she feels positive. Naira gains strength and sings a Bhajan at the temple. She also dances to vent out her frustration.

Singhanias watch Naira dancing like before and get positive that she remembers her art of dance. They want Naira to gradually remember her past life. Kartik can’t bear the punishment coming in Naira’s share. He doesn’t want Naira to suffer more. He feels he has done wrong to walk on the path shown by Krishna before. He feels the divine intuition went wrong. He gets an advice from a pious man once again, who asks him to take charge of his mistakes and try to rectify things.

He asks Kartik to just walk on the chosen path without blaming Krishna. He tells Kartik that maybe the path will lead him to the desired destination. He asks Kartik to keep his faith in his life and just go ahead with determination. Naira can’t stop herself from performing with the girls. She dances for Krishna like his lover Radha. Kartik and Naira’s story completes for a moment, when he reaches her to help. Kartik and Naira have a cute moment. The cloth falls on Kartik’s face. Naira fails to see him once again.

He doesn’t show his face to her and rushes out of the temple before she could see him. His leaving makes her more restless. Her heart connects with him. She wants to know who has saved her from falling. Singhanias feel Kartik and Naira’s love is also like that of Radha and Krishna. They wish that their true love also becomes eternal and successful by some means.

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Big Twist:

Lovely burns Nimrat’s diary to end her chapter. The big revelation will be soon happening. Lovely turns much selfish. Nimrat cries seeing the diary burning. Lovely tells her that evidence is destroyed, and now she can never win. Nimrat turns helpless and shouts to the God to send someone for her help. She doesn’t know if Lovely will ever let Sikandar and Kulfi unite. Lovely tells her that now she can never tell Kulfi’s truth to Sikandar. Nimrat attempts to save the diary and her picture with Kulfi.

Lovely declares that she has won the challenge. Nimrat gets to see Sikandar meeting Kumar Sanu. She wants to make truth reach Sikandar via Kumar Sanu. She feels there was just one way to bring out the truth, that was her diary, which didn’t get saved. Kumar Sanu and Sikandar go for recording their song together. Nimrat brings a picture in Kumar’s sight so that he reveals the truth in front of Sikandar. He will be uniting Sikandar and Kulfi forever.


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