Keep your skin safe this Holi with these simple tips


Keep your skin safe this Holi. Holi, the colourful festival is going to be celebrated and everyone is already excited to have fun with lots of organic colour. People through out the country get involved in spreading the happiness and joy by applying colours to their loved ones. However, people are often concerned about their skin and hair as the chemicals used in the colours can damage them. So, it is important you should get ready in advance before the festival.

1. Wear full clothes: You have to wear full sleeve shirt with long trousers. Covering the whole body will reduce the chances of getting exposed to harmful colours and skin damage.
2. Oil your hair: Apply oil to your hair before going to have fun as it helps to remove colour with ease. You can use any oil like coconut, sesame or olive. You can also cover your hair with a cap or a scarf.

3. Protect your ears: Sometimes, the colour gets inside the ear which is hard to clean. You have to apply petroleum jelly on the outer portion of the ear as it will make the ears greasy and prevent the colour from entering the ears.
4. Make use of sunglasses: In a playful mood with colours, do not let the colours enter into your eyes. Wear sunglasses as the colour might cause severe eye infections.

Simple tips to remove the colour with ease:
1. To remove colour from skin: Take a bath with cold water to remove the colours stick on the skin. You can also rub sliced lemon over the skin, leave it for 15 minutes and apply moisturiser or cleansers gently on the skin as rubbing can cause skin dryness and damage. In a case of any irritation or allergy on your skin, you must consult a doctor.
2. To remove oil paint: Mustard or coconut oil can be used to remove the paint from your face. Gently massage the face with a cotton ball dip in oil and rinse it off gently with luke-warm water.

3. To remove gulal: If you want to remove gulal, then you have to use your hands first and later use water. Do not use water as it will spread the dry powder all over the body. Dust it off with your dry hands.
4. To remove colour from hairs: Use a mild herbal shampoo. If you face difficulty to remove colour from your hair, mix 1 tsp of lemon juice in a cup of curd and apply this mixture on your scalp and rinse it.


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