Silsila Ruhaan makes shocking love confession

Silsila Ruhaan makes shocking love confession

Silsila Ruhaan makes shocking confession. Pari wants to convince Mishti. She feels she is at fault. She gets much upset. Mishti forgives her. She tells her that they are very close and no one can come between them. She asks Pari not to think of their relation as a weak one. She tells Pari that she knows her very well and is happy to have her. Pari apologizes to her over Ruhaan’s matter. She wanted to celebrate her happiness with Ruhaan. She tells Mishti how much Mishti’s happiness matters to her. Pari tells her that she can’t imagine life without her. The have a girls’ gala time. Pari is happy that Mishti has forgiven everything. Sukamini tells Pari about Mishti’s dare to kiss a guy. She wants Pari to settle down with Arnav.

Pari just has Ruhaan on her mind. Sukamini wants Pari to complete her life. Pari tells her that she is an independent woman and doesn’t need anyone to complete her. She doesn’t show her interest in relationships. Pari wants to know about Mishti’s dare. Sukamini tells Pari that Mishti has kissed someone else, not Veer.

Pari wants to know who is that guy. Sukamini jokes around. This gives tension to Mishti. Mishti doesn’t want Pari to learn anything. Pari confronts her about the dare. Veer also learns the matter and questions Mishti. They don’t want to tell anything to Veer. Mishti doesn’t let him know about the dare. Mishti asks Sukamini not to put her in trouble. Veer spends time with Mishti. She stays disturbed about Ruhaan. She breaks Veer’s romance moment. Veer gets upset while she makes excuses.

Veer wants to hurry up with the marriage functions. Mishti is troubled by financial problems and can’t prepone the marriage. Later, Mishti gets into an unwanted awkward moment with Ruhaan, when he confesses his love for her. He tells her that he can’t tolerate her relationship with Veer, since he is madly in love with her. Mishti gets carried away by his love proposal.


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