Kulfi Kumar Dying wish to bring fresh big twists

Kulfi Kumar Dying wish to bring fresh big twists

Kulfi Kumar Dying wish. Kulfi and other kids hide from Amma after their performance. Amma looks for them. Kulfi doesn’t want to get caught. The kids are afraid to get bashed up by Amma. They succeed to hide by picking some costumes. Amyra expresses her last wish to Sikandar. She tells him that her birthday party can’t get completed without her performance. Sikandar promises to fulfill her wishes. He goes on the stage to perform. Amma looks for the kids, unaware of their escape plan. The kids try to trick her and run away. Kulfi tells the kids that Amma is close. Amma fails to see them when they pass by her. Sikandar performs from his heart. He sings for Amyra. Kulfi hears Sikandar’s voice and recognizes. She rushes out of the costume to meet Sikandar.

She learns that Sikandar is also in the party and runs to meet him. Amyra gets happiness when Sikandar sings for her. Sikandar turns too emotional while expressing his feelings for Amyra. He hides his tears from Amyra, so that her smile doesn’t vanish. He doesn’t want Amyra to leave him and go. Kulfi gets delighted to see Sikandar on the stage.

While she makes her way to Sikandar, Amma becomes a barrier for her. She stops Kulfi from shouting. Sikandar senses that he has heard Kulfi’s voice from the crowd. He rushes to look for her. Kulfi is rushed out from the function. The kids get caught. Their escape plan fails. Sikandar misses to meet Kulfi once again. Kulfi leaves with the remand home kids. Sikandar feels Kulfi has called him. He forgets everything when he sees Amyra. Amyra tells him that she has thoroughly enjoyed the party and thanks him. She tells him that she is dying and has another wish.

Sikandar tells her that she won’t die and will be alive to spend life with them. He encourages her to be strong and fight with the illness. Amma shouts on the kids and punishes them. Kulfi is in her sorrow that she couldn’t meet Sikandar even after getting much close. Amyra expresses her dying wish that she wants to practice singing and sing like well. She doesn’t want to be silly like before. She wants to give some happiness to Sikandar by making him proud. The family gives their total time to Amyra and get emotional.

Amyra tells Sikandar that she wants to participate in a singing competition and win it by her sincere hardwork. Kulfi misses Sikandar. She doesn’t want the kids to suffer because of her. She tells them that they could have left her and gone away. She tells how she went to meet her dad and failed. The kids keep their friendship with Kulfi. The kids want to help Kulfi. Kulfi learns about the singing competition. She feels this is a way to reach Sikandar. Amyra begs Sikandar to give her a chance and teach her singing.

Sikandar vows to fulfill her wish and tells her that she has brought much happiness in their lives. He can’t express his happiness. He is happy that Amyra wants to work hard and learn music on her own. He feels much proud of her, seeing his values in her after a long time. Sikandar is still an inspiration for Kulfi. She recalls his motivational words and gets new hopes. Kulfi wants to get freedom for herself and the kids, who have made a big sacrifice for her. She makes a new plan of escape and gets support from the kids.


    • Ya..too much dragging.. only importance yo Amrya.. who is nothing less than Lovely…if this dragging continuous for long
      …better wilp Stop watching this serial ????

  1. This is the worst !!! Good to know this show supports mother who poisons kids to keep a man and prevents children from seeing their fathers. Amayra is just a child who was wrongly influenced and is still playing on her father’s love to get his attention. There must be better story lines man!! Don’t frustrate the viewer… it’s a show… we know it’s not real. Let’s get progress please !!!

  2. Worst serial … sick of the storyline which is dragging the story is encouraging wrong deeds

    Sikander has no spine fed up of seeing such a selfish child… and mother they both shud b punished

    Pls stop showing rubbish and treating viewers as idiots

  3. Those who don’t want to watch the show, so don’t watch naa, who is forcing you all. You mentally retarded guys , u all only watch Naagin, Kasauti, Kumkum Bhagya, kundli Bhagya, yrkkh, n other shit serials ok, don’t see this cute n edge of the seat exceptional show like this ok, bye, aaatthhhhuuuu chhhiii yaaks ?????☠️?shame on u negative guys, shame, chullu bhar Pani mei doob Maro nark mei jao.

    • Yes this is only show that we can watch it with our families other serials shows same thing just romance and shit scenes that we can’t see that with family

  4. Unnecessarily extending musical journey is not much seen. Probably only Indian serial where mother is shown as poisonous to her own child. Already illegal child.
    Some where Indian values are not sustained. Always villain winning. No useful track. Instead of making two good children they are torturing both. They can not make lovely heroine. but they want all her evil acts to become success. Islander has no spine of a character. week individual so all suffer

  5. Haven’t seen a worst serial.Just dragging on with the story n wonder when father n real daughter will meet!!! Sikander is worse than a woman, crying all the time n has no backbone to stand for what is right.Obeying a child in something that is absolutely wrong.Ekta Kapoor u can do much better!!

  6. Amyra and lovely again cheating sikander. But he caring for them only not for kulfi. It it goes in the same way we stop watching this serial, where not giving importance to true Love


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