High Five Spoilers Kasautii Kulfi Main Maayke Chali

Kasautii Kulfi Main Maayke Chali

Kasautii Kulfi Main Maayke Chali Jaungi: Prerna and Komoika are trying to outdo each other. Komolika has cheated her and taken her signs on legal declaration. Prerna wants to give it back to Komolika. He takes a Sardar’s disguise to teach a lesson to Komolika. Prerna makes an entry in Basu house once again. Prerna wants Komolika to pay for her mistakes. She wants to get what Komolika has snatched from her. Mohini, Nivedita and Komolika plan to throw Prerna out of the house by insulting her well and torturing her. Komolika says we won’t get our revenge if we throw her out this way, I want her to live the fear and pain which she has given me. She wants Prerna’s happiness to die forever.

Prerna, Shivani and Anupam take disguise of IT officers and raid the house. Prerna wants to get the papers back. Prerna tells Mohini that they will be unhappy to know about the raid. They ruin Komolika’s room to get the papers. Komolika gets angry on the Sardar ji. Prerna orders her to make haldi milk. Komolika doesn’t want to get into any trouble because of any IT issues. She seeks her help from her dad. She wants her dad to handle the matter. Her dad informs her about the fake IT raid. She senses that Prerna is cheating her again.

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala:

Kulfi and her gang reach the restroom. Their courage breaks because of hunger. They didn’t consume any food since two days. Kulfi wants some food. Kulfi and her kids win the first round of the singing competition. Mia meets the kids and tells them that they have sung so well, it was a good performance. She congratulates them. Kulfi and the kids thank Mia for her encouragement. Mia asks them to have some food if they want. Mia wants them to eat food and then practice singing. She arranges many food dishes for them. Kulfi and the kids get happy getting their favorite things. Mia wants the kids’ story to garner good TRPs for her show. She tricks the kids and plans a big drama. Kulfi and her friends prepare for the final round.

Main Maayke Chali Jaungi: Satya Devi consumes poison for the sake of Jaya. She is fighting Sarika’s criminal case. Satya and Samar come on good terms. Her state gets critical. She can do anything for Jaya’s happiness. Vicky rushes Satya to the hospital. Samar will be saving Satya.

Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji:
Rocky targets the hotel to meet Happy. Happy falls in trouble. Rocky leaks the poisonous gas in the hotel. The people fall ill. Happy meets the guests and takes welfare. She apologizes to the guests and also offers help. The people get angry on Happy. Happy promises to arrange best doctors for them. The man asks her to check her hotel security first, many lives are suffering because of her carelessness. Happy tells them that hotel will bear all their medical expenses. The people lose cool and want Happy to land behind bars.

Happy and her staff try to help the people, but fail. Happy has no answers about the incident. Rocky reaches there to save Happy. She gets heartbroken because of big problems. Kulwant encourages her. He tells her that problems come in those people’s life who are strong and brave. He asks her to find a way out of these problems. He is sure that Happy will find some way. He tells her that he trusts her strength and honesty.


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