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Star Plus Quick Sneak peek of Top 2 Prime Hits

Star Plus Big Hits Krishna Chali London: Bela is worried and wants to know about Radhe. She goes to tell Triloki about Radhe. Shukla is busy with his friends. Albela takes Bela’s phone while she is in tension. Shukla opens the phone lock and unknowingly plays the video for Albela. He gets to see Veer and Krishna’s conversation and also sees Radhe. He asks if this is true that Radhe had returned. His friends ask is Radhe coming back. Shukla requests them to leave. He wants to know the truth. Shukla asks Gajanan what’s the truth. Bela tells them that Gajanan and Krishna have gone to London to get Radhe back. Shukla wants to call Krishna and know if their Radhe has come back. He asks Gajanan to answer him. Gajanan gets emotional and admits that their Radhe has returned from the dead.

Gajanan shocks the family by this good news. Everyone gets emotional hearing this and rushes to meet Radhe at Krishna’s house. Krishna isn’t sure that Radhe is back. She doesn’t understand how can this guy resemble Radhe so much. Shukla and his family meet Radhe and get emotional when his behavior reminds them of Radhe. They hug Radhe and accept him. Krishna reminds them that they have done Radhe’s final rites, this guy can’t be Radhe. Shuklain argues with Krishna and tells her that she has got Radhe back.

Shukla also feels that this guy isn’t Radhe. Shuklain threatens to commit suicide if Shukla doesn’t take Radhe home. Shukla gives up and agrees to her wish. Radhe refuses to go with them until Krishna accompanies him. He tells them that he will come home only if Krishna comes with him. Krishna is worried with the happenings. There are big twists with Radhe’s return in Shukla family. Sunaina threatens Shukla family and asks them to get Veer released, else she won’t leave them. She tells them that Radhe has returned, Veer shouldn’t be serving any punishment now. Krishna wants to know Radhe’s truth, if someone planted him and why. Shukla’s family takes care of Radhe. Sunaina meets Radhe and threatens him. She challenges Shukla. She keeps her demand to save her son.

Yeh Rishte Hai Pyaar Ke: Mishti meets Abir to take help from him. Abir asks him to meet Kunal, since he is super busy all the time. Abir tries hard to ignore him and then she catches him. He doesn’t tell her about Vishwamber and tells her that he wants some alone time for himself. She asks him to guide her in knowing Kunal. He tells her that she can meet Kunal in some months, she has to give much time to this relation to get clear mind about the alliance. She likes his advice and thanks him. Abir restricts himself, while starting to feel for her. He doesn’t want to fall in love with Abir. Kunal and Kuhu have a meet. Their cute banter goes on. They get friendly.

Kunal likes to talk to Kuhu. Meenakshi asks Kunal to go and talk to Mishti to fulfill the condition of marital courtship. Kunal goes to meet Mishti. Mishti meets Kunal and finds him very much busy. Parul gets to know Mishti by talking to her for a while. She likes Mishti and wonders if Meenakshi doesn’t understand Mishti. She wants Mishti to become Meenakshi’s Bahu. Mishti is ready to adjust and change herself as long as she is okay with it. Kunal doesn’t want to change himself for anyone’s sake. Mishti tries to talk to Kunal, but he gets busy. He advises Mishti to talk to his PA so that they can plan their meetings. Mishti finds him strange.

Meenakshi gets worried when she sees Abir naming Mishti in a sleepy state. She confronts Abir for his feelings for Mishti. Abir denies to have any feelings for Mishti. He tells her that he wants Mishti and Kunal to marry. He plans a date for them. Kunal agrees for the date on Abir’s insistence. Mishti gets informed by Kunal’s PA. Mishti doesn’t like Kunal’s strict work schedule. Abir, Kuhu and Ketki also accompany Kunal and Mishti on their date. Ketki gets kidnapped by Meenakshi’s goons, which shocks her brothers. Meenakshi ruins Kunal and Mishti’s date.


  1. Can you stop all these nonsense after years for god sake Krishna marriage is non void can’t she get through her head she should make her cute lovely life with veer it’s high time we see them again on screen


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