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Star Plus Shows Today Highlights Krishna Chali London Krishna is stressed about her life post Radhe’s return. Radhe gets in sorrow that Krishna refused to marry him. He can’t live without Krishna. Shuklain promises him that she will get Krishna back to him. Radhe attempts suicide and gets sighted by the family. They panic and rush him to the hospital. Radhe gets treated by the doctors, while Shuklain accuses Krishna for Radhe’s move. Doctor tells Krishna that Radhe is now out of danger and she can meet him. Shuklain creates hurdles for Krishna. Krishna insists and meets Radhe. Krishna is confused. Dubey sees Radhe’s strange behavior. He calls Veer home to meet and discuss about Radhe.

Dubey tells Veer that he doesn’t think he is Radhe. He feels there is something fishy, as if Radhe isn’t real. Veer promises to expose Radhe’s truth. He knows that Radhe is an imposter. He wants to wait for Radhe’s mistake, which will make him caught. Radhe goes to meet someone at night and receives money. He assures the person that he will marry Krishna within three days and then everything will be in his hands. Shukla files a complaint against Krishna for provoking Radhe for suicide attempt. Krishna and Dubey get troubled by Shuklas again. The police wants to arrest Krishna and Veer.

Sunaina worries for Veer’s arrest. Krishna and Veer defend themselves to get saved from wrong accusations. Shukla tells inspector that Veer is behind his son’s life. He taunts Veer for loving Krishna and then kidnapping Radhe. When Shukla talks evil things about Veer, Krishna loses her cool. Veer slaps Shukla for his nonsense. Gajanan doesn’t help Krishna.

Shukla asks inspector to throw Krishna and Veer in lockup. Radhe learns about their arrest and asks inspector to leave them since he can’t see anyone in trouble. He behaves good as real Radhe. Krishna gets confused and thinks just her Radhe can do such a thing. Krishna gets believing Radhe’s drama. Veer gets determined to expose Radhe’s conspiracy.

Yeh Rishte: Kunal doesn’t hear Abir’s love confession for Mishti. He asks Abir whom does he love. Abir and Nanu hide the matter from Kunal and lie to him that Abir loves his mother Meenakshi a lot. Abir tells them that even Kunal can do anything for Meenakshi. Kunal apologizes to be rude to Abir. Abir asks him not to think much. Abir and Nanu return home. Kunal asks Mishti to give her consent for the surgery.

She asks him if he doesn’t like her when she wears glasses, will he feel awkward to take her to any function. Kunal tells her that she doesn’t like her glasses and its better she gets rid of it. Meenakshi calls Kunal home for an important work. Kunal asks Mishti to get the surgery done and go home. Mishti refuses for the surgery when Kunal leaves. She just follows her heart. Abir feels bad that Mishti spoke to him so rudely. Nanu asks Abir to realize his love for Mishti. Abir wanted to save Mishti.

Abir tells Nanu that he loves Kunal as well, and he doesn’t want to come between Kunal and Mishti. Nanu asks him not to let Kunal and Mishti marry, who aren’t having any understanding between them. He asks Abir not to think his love is wrong, the time is wrong but everything can be rectified by stopping this marriage. He asks Abir to accept his love and marry Mishti. Abir gets confused. He doesn’t want to hurt Kunal’s heart. Nanu feels Mishti isn’t meant for Kunal. Meenakshi and Parul appear happy. Kunal asks them what is the urgency. Meenakshi tells him that she just called him for meeting Mishti’s family. Kunal scolds Pari for lying to him and calling him home.

He tells Meenakshi that he left Mishti alone during the eye surgery because of her call. Meenakshi gets glad to find another matter to end the alliance. She tells him that she will complete his wish. Kunal tells her that Mishti was reluctant, but he has convinced her. Abir tells Nanu that Mishti agreed for the surgery, which is very much unlikely of the Mishti he knows and loves. He calls Mishti to stop her from the surgery. He wants Mishti to stand for herself and oppose the wrong. Kunal learns that Mishti has left from the hospital.

He goes to meet her at her house. He thinks Mishti is happy with his gesture. Mishti knows to fight for her rights and respect. She doesn’t want to bend down in front of anyone’s wrong demand. Mishti wants to stand for her individuality. Mishti is happy to wear glasses. Abir calls the hospital to know if the surgery happened or not. He learns that Mishti’s surgery is done and she left for home.

Abir wants to meet Mishti and share his feelings. Meenakshi and Kunal meet Maheshwaris and speak of the engagement function. Maheshwaris get a huge shock knowing that Kunal has got Mishti’s eye surgery done. Varsha feels this was sudden for Mishti and maybe Mishti isn’t happy. Mishti gets upset because of Kunal. She wants to tell him that she didn’t get the surgery done. Kunal is mistaken and congratulates her for her new personality, since she is free from the ugly glasses. Kunal apologizes to Mishti for leaving her alone at the time of surgery. Mishti reveals that she is still the same, she didn’t get the surgery done, which angers Kunal a lot. He asks Mishti if she wants to marry him or not. He leaves the big decision on Mishti.


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