Silsila Mauli love sacrifice moment recreated

Silsila Mauli love sacrifice moment recreated

Silsila Mauli love sacrifice twist next. There will be peak drama in the show, once Ruhaan calls off his alliance with Nikki. He breaks Nikki’s heart and tells her that he can’t marry her, since he is already in love with someone else. He doesn’t name Mishti, since he wants to reveal his relationship truth to anyone before Veer. He thinks Veer has the first right to know the reason for his break up.

Ruhaan is waiting for the right time to meet Veer and speak up his feelings, how he has lost control over his heart and fell in love with Mishti. Ruhaan never wanted to break up Mishti and Veer. It was Mishti’s decision that she has broke up with Veer in pursuit of her true love. Mishti always wanted to marry the person she loved.

She didn’t find any love bonding with Veer. Ruhaan wants to justify his love with Mishti and is hopeful that Veer will behave maturely and understand them. He wishes that Veer forgives them and doesn’t break the friendly bond. Pari and Mishti are happy that Ruhaan isn’t marrying Nikki.

Veer wants to make Mishti realize her big mistake of breaking up with her. Mishti and Ruhaan have a romantic moment. Veer will be learning about Ruhaan’s big deceive. Veer angrily attacks on Ruhaan, leaving Mishti in a shock. Mishti will be getting a major shock when Radhika reveals to her that Pari is in love finally. Mishti asks Radhika whom has Pari chosen for herself, is that Arnav. Radhika appears too happy as if she wanted this to happen. She really likes Ruhaan and wants him to become part of their family some how.

Radhika tells Mishti that Pari has been wise and chose Ruhaan as her life partner. This breaks Mishti’s heart who didn’t wish the complications to enter her life. She didn’t wish Pari and herself to get in Mauli and Nandini’s place, loving the same man. Either of Mishti or Pari will be recreating the moment of love sacrifice like Mauli did for Nandini. What will be Mishti’s decision on knowing about Pari’s love? Keep reading.

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  1. Mouli ne koi sacrifice nahi kiya tha. It was kunal decision to choose nandini .pari ka one side love Hai but mishti Aur ruhaan love each other so sacrifice mishti ko nahi pari ko Karna chahiye. Please don’t complicate the relationship between pari and mishti. It is not necessary to repeat history .


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