Kartik Naira Yeh Rishta Upcoming twists

Kartik Naira Yeh Rishta Upcoming twists

Kartik Naira Yeh Rishta Upcoming Naira gets delighted on knowing about the chances of her pregnancy. Doctor tells her that pregnancy will be confirmed once they get the tests done. Naira gets worried by the clot recurrence in her brain. Doctor tells her that everything is fine health wise and she need not worry. She asks Naira to go for the tests. Naira happily dreams of Kartik and her child. She gets a sign that she will soon get a child. She makes a wish that her family completes soon. Kartik stays stressed about Mihir. Kartik reminisces the moments which made him doubt Mihir and Naira. Naira plays with a feather as seen in her dream. She is happy that her dream is going to get fulfilled. She flies the feather out of the window.

The feather gets burnt by the fire lit outside the window. On coming home, Naira wants to share the good news with Kartik. She thinks to wait till the news gets confirmed. He asks her if she had gone for the work and completed it. She lies to him again and feels apologetic. Naira gets excited and awaits the reports. Samarth and Gayu have a talk. Gayu doesn’t want to stay with Goenkas, as Dadi didn’t accept her. Samarth consoles her and thinks of talking to Dadi. He tells her that he has accepted her and the baby by all his heart and she shouldn’t worry for anything.

Gayu gets Samarth’s support. Kartik asks for Naira and finds her gone once again. He realizes that Naira didn’t text him once. He learns that she has gone for work. He messages her to come back home early so that they go for dinner.

Naira replies him that they will invite Kirti and Naksh as well. Kartik wanted to spend some time with her. He gets upset that his dinner plan got spoiled. Mitali calls and messages Kartik. She sends him an audio message. He hears the audio of Mihir’s call recording, where Mihir praises Naira and admits that he likes Naira a lot. Kartik wants to share his dilemma with Naira. Naira calls Kartik and informs him that she is running late. Kartik waits for her. He goes for the dinner with Naksh, Samarth and Kirti.

Samarth misses Gayu and wishes that she came with them. Naira finishes her work and leaves for the restaurant. She dreams of telling Kartik of her pregnancy. She gets a call from the doctor and rushes for an urgent meet. Kartik gets angered when she doesn’t come on time. He tells Samarth that he has no idea where is Naira. Naira finishes her meeting with the doctor. Naira reaches late. When Kartik meets her for dinner, he gets interrupted by Naksh and Kirti.

Kartik and Naira get into an argument and express annoyance. Naira senses Kartik’s spoiled mood and wants to know what happened to him. Naksh and Kirti surprise them with the lovely cakes. Kirti asks them not to fight for petty things. Kartik and Naira leave for home. He wants to apologize to Naira. They recall their old cute moments and turn emotional. Naira’s work brings many hurdles in Kartik and Naira’s relation.

Kulfi Kumar


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