Upcoming Kulfi Kumar News Twists and Spoilers

Upcoming Kulfi Kumar News

Upcoming Kulfi Kumar News Nandini’s mum asks Bhola to earn a living for Nandini if he really thinks that he is Nandini’s good husband. Nandini doesn’t want Bhola to prove anything. Bhola gets compelled by Aai to go out and earn money. He gets a job and works at the party. Kulfi is very much sad and emotional when Chandan compels her to sing in the birthday party. She doesn’t want to sign, but she is forced to sing. Chandan just wants money from her. Chandan takes Kulfi with him.

Kulfi misses to see Sikandar, who is working in the same birthday party. She imagines Sikandar with him while singing the emotional song in his memory. Bhola likes her singing and wants to meet her. They have a hit and miss again. Kulfi is Bhola’s fairy. He goes on the stage to meet her. The waiters catch him and get him on stage until Kulfi sees him. They ask Bhola to do his work else he won’t get any money. Bhola wants to take the earnings to Nandini and prove to Aai that he is really trying to be a good husband for Nandini.

On the other hand, Rocket feels Kulfi’s doubt about Sikandar is true. He wants to find out if Sikandar is an imposter cheating the family. He wants to accomplish his mission and find the real Sikandar, by hiding this truth from Kulfi. Rocket wants to help Kulfi after knowing how badly Sikandar is treating her for his own greed, which Sikandar can never do if he is for the real. Lovely and Mohendar too get suspicious of Chandan, who constantly brainwashes them by using his emotional card. Chandan keeps telling them about the trauma he has gone through post the accident. Chandan tells them that he has lost his voice and his earning source, and now he can never be able to earn ever. Rocket will be trapped by Chandan and his goons. He will be facing a hard time. Kulfi will be soon finding Bhola and bringing him home.


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