Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Shocking drama coming up

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Shocking drama coming up

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Shocking drama Kulfi seeks Rocket’s help in dealing with Sikandar. Rocket tells her that he believes her that Sikandar is an imposter. He wants to help her. He makes a plan and asks her to just obey Sikandar until they find a solution. Bhola visits the bakery and gets happy seeing the delicacies. He gets everything packed and doesn’t give money. Bhola gets reprimanded for his innocence. He is ready to do any work to earn money. The bakery manager takes him for the work. He hires Sikandar as a helper. Rocket gets his money from his earned share so that he helps Kulfi. He gets mistaken to take drugs. Rocket takes help from his friend to go out at night by breaking the rules of remand home. They want to help Kulfi.

Chandan gets Kulfi to the birthday party to make her sing. Bhola spots Kulfi and gets rejoicing when his dreamy fairy comes to life. He acknowledges her as his dreamy fairy. He wants to meet her and know who she comes in his dreams. Elsewhere, Nandini gets attacked by her landlord. He gets misbehaving with her. Lovely comes to Nandini’s rescue. She takes a bold move and teaches a lesson to the creepy man. Chandan scolds Kulfi for walking lost. He asks her to give a good performance so that she gets more work. Lovely tells the man that she will save Nandini. He laughs on her courage and asks her how will she save Nandini. Lovely slaps the man.

She bashes him up in anger and asks her to never trouble Nandini. Lovely asks him to bear the punishment for his mistake. He apologizes to Nandini and tells her that he will never trouble Nandini or anyone else. Lovely drags him to the police to file a FIR against his molestation crime. He apologizes and manages to flee. Lovely drops Nandini home and asks her to have courage. Nandini feels its her mistake to not solve the problem before.

Lovely asks Nandini not to blame herself. She encourages Nandini to fight with such creepy people. She asks Nandini to stay happy with her husband. Nandini tells Lovely that she will be her hero from now. She speaks good of Lovely, which makes Lovely count her mistakes happened in the past.

Lovely wants to reform for the good and walk on the right path. She feels guilty of her mistakes. Nandini offers her help. Lovely wants to talk to her about Chandan. She thinks its not the right time to discuss it. Bhola works at the bakery to earn a living for Nandini. He refuses to serve the alcohol. He stays his innocent self. He connects with Kulfi, though she doesn’t see him. He plans to surprise Kulfi. Bhola enjoys with the kids. He finds Kulfi still sleeping at a corner. He fails to reach her.

Chandan takes Kulfi with him. Rocket meets some drug peddlers to know about Chandan. Rocket gets information about Chandan and his goons. He wants to confirm that Sikandar isn’t the real one. Kulfi wishes that Rocket fulfills the aim soon. Chandan troubles Kulfi. Lovely pacifies Mohendar over Sikandar’s shocking behavior. Mohendar is troubled by Kulfi’s sorrow and pain, given by Sikandar. Lovely gets more worried when Mohendar too doubts on Sikandar.

Mohendar has no idea why Sikandar is behaving so weird. Lovely doesn’t know what is Sikandar upto and turns speechless. Bhola plays hide and seek with Kulfi. He finally makes a way to reach Kulfi. Kulfi sings Sikandar’s favorite song from her heart. Her melodious voice reaches his heart. He gets smiling on hearing her song and connects. Kulfi misses him dearly and awaits a miracle. He gets emotionally touched by hearing Kulfi’s song and sings along, much to her surprise. Will Kulfi and Sikandar be able to meet? Keep reading.

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