Watch Kumkum Bhagya Pyaar Ka Jashan 15th June 2019

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Watch Kumkum Bhagya Pyaar Ka Jashan. There is a big twist in the show, since Rhea falls in danger. Rhea fakes the fall to put Prachi in trouble. She wants Abhi to hate Prachi and her mum. She risks her life and goes to the jungle. She makes everyone question Prachi. She hides in the jungle until Abhi comes to find her. She wants Prachi to fall in Abhi’s sight. Abhi and Pragya will be coming together once again and know about their two daughters Rhea and Prachi. Abhi yells at Prachi for trying to kill Rhea. He asks her if her mum has encouraged her to do such a crime. Prachi asks him not to speak anything ill about her mum. She defends Pragya and her upbringing. Prachi tells him that she didn’t push Rhea down, Rhea was arguing and provoking her to push her, but still Rhea has fallen down on her own.

Prachi recalls Rhea’s words, how Rhea has insulted her parents, her mum’s upbringing and values. She regrets that she couldn’t change Rhea’s mindset and win her heart. Rhea is happy that she has humiliated Prachi well and put her in suspicion in such a critical case. She knows that Abhi will not forgive Prachi if he learns that Prachi has pushed her down. She wishes her friends show the video to Abhi soon and prove Prachi’s mistake. Rhea and her friends execute their plan to defame Prachi and also Pragya.

Abhi tells Prachi that he wants to meet Pragya right away so that he questions her upbringing. He gets raging in anger. He calls Prachi sick-minded to push down Rhea by her angry and jealousy. Rhea gets happy knowing her plans are working and Prachi is targeted so badly by one and all. Pragya rushes to the camp knowing about Prachi being accused for Rhea’s murder.

Prachi defends that she has not pushed Rhea down, even when they had a big fight. The huge drama at the camp reaches the college principal, who summons Abhi and Pragya for a serious talk. Abhi and Pragya will come face to face and realize the truth of their daughters’ enmity. Will Rhea’s plan get exposed in front of Abhi? There will be Maha episode of Kumkum Bhagya Pyaar Ka Jashan on 15th June 2019. Keep reading for more.


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