Star Plus Underrated 2 Surprising Spoilers

Star Plus Quick Sneak peek of Top 2 Prime Hits

Star Plus Underrated Yeh Rishte Hai Pyaar Ke Kuhu goes to meet Kunal after they return home from Abir’s NGO camp site. Kuhu thanks Kunal for saving her life and being with her as a friend. The Maheshwari family worries when she doesn’t return home on time. Kuhu returns home in a drunken state. This shocks the family. Varsha slaps Kuhu when the latter confesses her love for Kunal. Kuhu misbehaves with Mishti and Varsha. She tells them that she loves Kunal and doesn’t want any hindrance. Kuhu accepts her feelings. Varsha is very angry knowing about Kuhu’s feelings and reminds the bad terms between Kunal and their family. The family doesn’t approve Kunal and Kuhu’s relation. Kuhu is upset and thinks no one loves her, they just love Mishti.

She feels inferior. Mishti supports Kuhu, knowing her love for Kunal. She wants to rectify her mistake, since she has hurt Kunal’s heart. She wants to unite Kunal and Kuhu. She stands by Kuhu and pleases her surprisingly. On the other hand, Abir learns about Kunal and Kuhu’s date and teases him. He is happy that Kunal is moving on and not getting stuck to the old break ups. He wants Kunal to forgive Mishti.

Kunal doesn’t realize his love for Kuhu and takes Abir’s predictions lightly. Mishti cares for Kuhu. She calls Abir to inform about the family issues. Abir gives hopes to Mishti that they will bring Kunal and Kuhu together.


Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji:

Happy gets RV punished for his crimes by faking her own murder. She moves on in life. She lives in Mumbai for six years, away from the family. She changes her identity to RJ Khushi. She gets troubled when some terrorists barge inside the airport to hijack a flight. Happy gets saved and also helps the cops in rescuing a kid. She still gets accused for kidnapping the little boy. Happy pleads to the police that she is innocent and was just helping the boy. She gets interrogated. She doesn’t know who is framing her in the fake case.


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