Friday’s Telly Top 6 Spoilers 12th July 2019

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Friday’s Telly Top 6 Spoilers 12th July 2019 Sufiyana Pyaar Mera: Kainat gets observing Saltanat. She enters Saltanat’s house at the house. She sees Zaroon romancing Saltanat. When Saltanat goes away, Kainat takes a disguise of Saltanat to romance Zaroon. She tries to get close to Zaroon to win his love. She is ready to do anything for her love. Saltanat wants to know what is Kainat suspicious. Saltanat meets her parents. They ask her not to break their trust. They ask Saltanat why did she go to her friend’s house at the time of Kainat’s marriage. Kainat has misled them as Saltanat, while the latter was locked in the trunk. Saltanat thinks who was meeting her parents as her disguise. She wants to find what’s happening. She realizes it was Kainat cheating the family. She will learn that Kainat tried to kill her.

Tujhse Hai Raabta: Kalyani gets behind bars. She is blamed for stealing the baby. Malhar knows she is innocent. He gets helpless to arrest her to do his duty. He tells her that the evidence are against her. Atharv’s plan succeeds. Kalyani wants to escape and find Moksh. She comes up with a drama to stop Atharv and Sampada from selling Moksh. Sampada’s dad is also involved in baby theft. Kalyani and Anupriya join hands to save Moksh.

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai: Sameer and Naina meet Aruna ji and impress her with their fresh script. Aruna decides to help them. Naina takes her autograph for Rakesh. Aruna tells Naina that they will take Sameer’s audition if he acts well and looks good for the character, then he will be chosen as the show hero. Naina gets too happy that Sameer will be enacting in the show having her script. Sameer promises to give his best in the audition.

Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan: Rani aka Mayura makes a plan to trap Rivaaj. She herself falls in danger. Rivaaj doesn’t trust her even when she takes the risk and saves her from villagers’ wrath. She takes the Devi avatar and fools the villagers. She gets Rivaaj out safely. He is impressed with her. She wants to ruin him by making him fall in love with her. She tells him that she is leaving from his house on his family’s orders. Rivaaj doesn’t stop her. She thinks her plan may fail. Rivaaj changes his mind and apologizes to her. He gets ready to take her home by opposing his family.

Ek Bhram Sarvagunn Sampanna:
Kabir challenges Pooja. Jai scolds her in anger. Dhruv creates a scene in the house. Kabir gets a call from Pooja. Ishani gets the waiter’s clothes. Pooja asks Kabir to become a waiter and attend the guests in her party. Kabir gets ready to insult Pooja in the party. He wants to teach her a lesson. Ishani feels bad for Kabir since she madly loves him. Kabir thinks Pooja will be getting her first defeat when she falls over her face. He recalls Dhruv’s pain and decides to destroy Pooja.

Muskaan: Muskaan happens to dream that she has arrested Sir ji and fulfilled her aim. Sir ji begs her to leave him free. Her dream soon ends. She tells Ronak that she has put Sir ji in the jail. He asks her to sleep early since its her first day at duty tomorrow. Gayatri blesses Muskaan and feels proud seeing Muskaan in her uniform. She asks Ronak to feed curd and sugar to Muskaan. Ronak tells Muskaan that he is happy for his job, but not her motive. He wants to protect Sir ji as a shield.

He asks her to forget the past, as Sir ji has left all his illegal businesses. He tells her that they should start their life afresh. Muskaan bears the taunts in the police station. She meets her senior and asks for job allotment. She gets to hear some girls’ problem. The girls complain about a guy who is making videos of girls in the changing room. Muskaan gets the case and has to nab that criminal guy. Gayatri meets Muskaan and asks her to accept Ronak’s request and move on in her life. Muskaan gets in a dilemma over her decision. Ronak doesn’t want to force Muskaan to quit her life goals. He wants to accept Muskaan’s decision being unbiased. He tells Muskaan that his love for her will always remain the same.

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