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Tellyreviews Top 7 Telly Spoilers Combo Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai Sameer and Naina are playing the lead in the show written by them. They are very happy to turn into writers and actors. They get famous and receive much respect. Sameer and Naina speak to the neighbors. They feel like celebrities. Sameer gifts bangles to Naina. She teasingly asks him to get gold bangles for her. He tells her that gold bangles won’t make sound, but the glass bangles will sound every time, which would make him feel her lovely presence. He tells her that nothing is more romantic than the glass bangles. Sameer and Naina spend lovey dovey moments and are hopeful to succeed well. She gets touched by his emotional speech.

Jaat Na Poocho Prem Ki:

Suman asks Badal to give his phone. Badal asks why? He gives his phone to her. Suman checks his phone and tells that Anjali had sent a message to him. Badal says which message. Suman asks him not to lie with her. She tells that she has heard their conversation and gives her swear asking him to tell the truth. Badal is silent and thinks how to tell her that Anjali is trying to get close to him. Suman tells him that she can’t bear him with Anjali or anybody else.

Main Bhi Ardhangini:

Anuradha tries to free Vaidehi from the mirror, but fails. She comes to Nilambari for help and hears her talking to her children. Nilambari tells that small-time players celebrate pre-victory, but the real players celebrate after their victory. She says it will be fun when one Ardhangini will kill other Ardhangini. Anuradha thinks if she is thinking right or wrong and thinks if Nilambari’s conversation is related to Vaidehi. She concludes Nilambari is the one behind Chitra’s death and targeted Vaidehi using her. She decides to go to the temple and tell the truth to Madhav.

Nimki Mukhiya:

Nimki and Babbu tell Tetar that Babbu will not withdraw his name from the elections. Nimki and Babbu meet Abhimanyu to seek his help. They tell Abhimanyu that they want Sweety and Rituraj to get divorced. She asks Abhimanyu to help Sweety. Babbu asks his help for Sweety’s sake. Rituraj tells Tetar that they should make Nimki’s family against her, just the way she has made Babbu against family. Rituraj and Tetar go to the village and provoke the people against Nimki, who is greedy for the political powers. They tell the people that Nimki is fooling them and making Babbu a saint in front of them. Mahua tells them that she isn’t in Nimki’s support now. Rituraj is happy that Nimki’s sister is against Nimki. He wants to employ Mahua against Nimki.


Aaliya packs her bags to leave the house. Aditya convinces her to stay back. He makes the request by his love. Aaliya agrees to be part of the Jagrata. Aaliya and Aditya attend the Jagrata, where Vish plays her new game by spreading the poisonous smoke.

Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan:

Mayura comes to the news channel and gets the number from where they got the Rukmani’s recording. Mayura finds that Rukmani is in the house and steals keys from Premlatha. She opens the door but locks it back seeing Rivaaj coming. Kesha calls Media to prove Rivaaj as the innocent guy abandoned by his wife and taking care of their baby single-handedly. She goes to Kesha’s room to get proofs and hides seeing them. Kesha plans with Premlatha to make Rivaaj great and a good father, by making the baby consume sleeping syrup. She finds the fake recording in Kesha’s phone. Rukmani is shown in the secret room, while someone goes there. Mayura finds the lock open and thinks to check.

Kundali Bhagya:

Preeta comes to Luthra house and speaks to Rakhi. She says she knows that distance has surfaced between them and the relation is cracked, but still she has the same feelings for them which she had before and that’s why she wants to tell them that tomorrow is her marriage. Rishabh and Karan get shocked to hear this. Preeta gives the invitation card to Rakhi and invites them. Karan looks at the wedding card and determines to stop Preeta and Prithvi’s marriage.

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