Kulfi Sikandar Amyra Strong connect to break up

Kulfi Sikandar Amyra Strong connect to break up

Kulfi Sikandar Amyra Strong connect to break up Kulfi gets help from Mia, who guides her about the new music school. Mia wants Kulfi to get admission in the music school where she can complete her studies as well. Kulfi likes to sing. She wants to study as well to fulfill Nimrat’s dreams. Kulfi agrees to go there and hugs Mia. She is happy that she will be taking a new path. Sikandar is much upset and broken down that he couldn’t keep any relations nicely towards Kulfi and Amyra. He feels he has failed as a father. He thinks of cheating Nimrat in love and then marrying Lovely. He realizes that he couldn’t do justice with his wife too.

He also feels he had upset Mohendar because of his weak emotions. He gets disappointed and depressed that he failed in all his relations. He feels like hating himself for not keeping any of his family member happy. He wants to get back his daughters. He didn’t imagine that Amyra will abandon her too. Elsewhere, Lovely asks Amyra to get prepared for her classes. Amyra refuses to learn anything. She tells Lovely that she won’t go to school now. She tears the school uniform to show her rigid decision. She just wants to focus on her singing career. Lovely feels its tough to handle Amyra alone.

She wants to talk to Sikandar about Amyra. Later, Sikandar goes to meet his friend, who is a producer. Sikandar asks him to produce a musical play. His friend hears his story and thinks the play won’t work. He doesn’t want any loss and refuses to fund the play. Sikandar wanted to do this for his daughters. Someone in the cafe hears Sikandar and offers him the auditorium on rent. Sikandar accepts his offer. He wants to script the play soon. Kulfi shows her drawing to Mia and gets praised. Mia gets a coin and tells that it won’t work these days. Kulfi tells Mia that even useless things help a lot sometimes.

Sikandar returns home and learns that Amyra has quit her education. Lovely asks him to explain Amyra. Sikandar doesn’t want to force Amyra. He asks Amyra to participate in the music play. He doesn’t get angry on Amyra and leaves her on own. Amyra feels he didn’t shout this time and didn’t ask her to complete her studies as if he doesn’t care for her now. Lovely wonders what’s wrong with Sikandar. Sikandar meets another friend and requests him to direct the music play. His friend refuses to take up the work.

Sikandar goes to meet Vikram and Mia. He wants to talk to Kulfi once. He tells Kulfi about the music play. He wants her to participate in the play since he isn’t a part of it. Kulfi doesn’t want to be with him. Kulfi uses the coin to decide if she should perform in the play. Sikandar wishes to convince Amyra and Kulfi for the play. He doesn’t reveal his plans. Sikandar wants to win his daughters’ trust back and gets in a tricky situation, since both Kulfi and Amyra can’t stand each other. What will Sikandar do to get them back? Keep reading.

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