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Star Plus Highlight Top 2 Upcomings Today Mohini and Nivedita stop Anurag from leaving the house. He doesn’t agree to them. He then agrees to stay back when Nivedita reveals her plans. Nivedita tells Mr. Bajaj that she will not leave the house, since she still has half rights on the house. She knows that she can’t kick him out of the house since he has owned it. Mr. Bajaj tells her that he will own the house completely in a month. She feels she can win the house back from him, at least she has some time in hand. She argues with Mr. Bajaj for her rights on her house. Mr. Bajaj is sure that Anurag will lose to him and get back to senses when the legal process gets completed.

Mohini and Nivedita reprimand Mr. Bajaj. They decide to stay in the same house and ask him to occupy one floor. Prerna is worried for Anurag. She tries to change Mr. Bajaj’s mind. Mr. Bajaj and Anurag have a heated argument. Mr. Bajaj doesn’t deter and challenges Anurag after snatching his house. He vows to make Anurag suffer. He knows Prerna’s presence will affect Anurag. Mohini is angry that Mr. Bajaj is doing this deliberately. He accepts that he is hurting Anurag to teach him a lesson. Mohini clears out how they will adjust in the house by sharing it equally. Prerna gets cursed by Mohini again.

Mohini reminds that Anurag had married Komolika to save Prerna’s house, while Prerna has married Mr. Bajaj to snatch Basu mansion. She insults Prerna in anger. Prerna breaks down and feels sorry. Mohini tells her that she had started to believe her and got cheated. Nivedita feels they shouldn’t waste time on Prerna. Nivedita takes her mum with her, while Anurag vents anger on Prerna. Anurag vacates his room. He packs his bags and throws it down, which hurts Prerna. His anger cools a bit and he worries for Prerna. Anurag tells her that she wanted to get this house, that’s why she has married Mr. Bajaj. He tells her that he won’t let her stay happy. Prerna worries and sheds tears. She welcomes Mr. Bajaj’s family.

She gets to hear Anurag’s painful bitter words. Maasi doesn’t want to share the house with Basus. Mohini tells Maasi that none can snatch her house. They argue while defending their sons. Mr. Bajaj introduces his daughter Sneha, who loves Prerna a lot. Anurag is shocked to learn that Prerna is known to Sneha since long. He feels bad for Sneha. Anurag gets insulting Prerna. Prerna takes care of Sneha. She plays with Sneha. She presents a fake relation with Mr. Bajaj to trick Anurag. She wants Anurag to move on by forgetting her. Mohini and Maasi clash again in the kitchen. Sneha plays hide and seek with Prerna. Anurag too connects with Sneha.

Sneha goes to hide somewhere during the play. Anurag wants to know Prerna’s reason for marrying Mr. Bajaj. He gets to see Mr. Bajaj with Prerna. Mr. Bajaj angrily reminds Prerna about her duties to take care of his daughter. Nivedita learns that Mr. Bajaj has married Prerna for this purpose. Anurag wants to get so rich that Prerna returns to her. Prerna learns about her family’s financial tensions. Anurag learns that Prerna got scolded by Mr. Bajaj. He reacts since it affects him too. He tells Prerna that he can’t tolerate anyone hurting her. Prerna asks him to just focus on his own family and not interfere in her life. Anurag decides to know Prerna’s marriage truth.

Reviewed Rating for this particular episode: 2/5
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Star Plus Highlight Top 2 Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum:

Sonakshi feels happy spending time with Rohit. He asks for his jacket which he offered her before. She wants to keep the jacket. She makes excuses to keep the jacket with herself. She tells him that she will give it to him if she finds it. He leaves for his home. She realizes that Rohit had seen the jacket and now he would be finding her foolish. She goes to return the jacket. Rohit asks her to keep it for herself if she wants. Sonakshi blushes and likes Rohit. Netra happens to see them and likes them as a couple. She wishes that Sonakshi finds love in Rohit. Sonakshi feels Rohit is a nice man. Sonakshi’s gesture gets praised by Sippy family.

Rohit hugs Pooja and tells them that Sonakshi had made everything possible by her help. Pari gets interested in Rohan. She likes his profile. She wants to become his friend. Suman tells Pari that they shouldn’t keep any terms with Sippys. Pari tells Suman that she got a new friend, who can help in building her career. Suman asks her to have contacts with such people. She doesn’t know that Pari is talking about Rohan Sippy. Pari doesn’t know that Rohan is married. Rohit goes to the hospital for his work. He looks positive regarding Sonakshi. Netra explains the scenes to Sonakshi. They decide to show an accident scene to replace Sumit.

Netra teases Sonakshi about Rohit. Sonakshi doesn’t accept that she has a liking for Rohit. Netra tells Sonakshi that Rohit is a lovely person. Sonakshi wears the jacket gifted by Rohan. She decides to gift something to surprise Rohit. Suman gets into an argument with Yash, when he invites Sonakshi to the hospital event. Rohit thinks he should directly call Sonakshi. He calls Sonakshi and asks for a dinner meet. Sonakshi gets too happy that he has asked her for dinner. She orders a phone for Rohit. She plans to meet Rohit on their dinner date. Sonakshi’s gift gets swapped. Rohit gets the most unexpected gift.

Reviewed Rating for this particular episode: 4/5
This rating is solely based on the opinion of the writer. You may post your take on the show in the comment section below.


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