Kasautii Admiration twist for Prerna and Bajaj

Kasautii Zindagii Highlights Today 17th September 2019

Kasautii Admiration twist for Prerna and Bajaj Prerna takes care of Mr. Bajaj. She feels Sneha got too upset on her birthday because of this incident. Nivedita asks Maasi not to provoke her, else she will not take it silently. Maasi too warns Nivedita against her verbal taunts. Shivani calls Prerna to inform about Veena’s arrest. She asks Prerna to stay away from the family. Prerna rushes to the police station to help Veena. She wonders who has filed the complaint. Maasi asks Tanvi to just play some drama until Mr. Bajaj comes back home after recovery. She has taken the risk to win Mr. Bajaj’s trust. She tells Tanvi that she has got Veena arrested, so that Prerna fights Mr. Bajaj.

She wants to separate them. She tells Tanvi that soon Mr. Bajaj and Tanvi will get married. Tanvi gets happy knowing her planning. Prerna meets her family. Veena is upset and doesn’t defend herself. She feels she is being punished to be Prerna’s mum. Prerna asks inspector to release Veena. He tells her that Mrs. Sharda has filed the complaint. Prerna realizes that Maasi is behind this. She assures Shekhar that she will get Veena freed. She gets to hear Suman’s taunts. Mohini is happy that she has got Maasi in her hands. She tells Nivedita that now Maasi will behave with manners. She reveals that she has got the proof against Maasi.

She wants revenge on Mr. Bajaj’s family for hurting Anurag. Prerna asks Veena how did this happen. She asks about her argument with Maasi. Veena asks her not to act concerned. Prerna tells Veena that she will do a daughter’s duty and help her. Veena doesn’t accept her help. Maasi tells Tanvi that she will take Sneha’s responsibility and also his richness. Sneha asks for Mr. Bajaj. Tanvi tells her that Veena has hurt Mr. Bajaj. Sneha doesn’t think anything wrong about Prerna. Mohini meets Maasi and shows the party pictures which captured Maasi’s crime.

Shivani scolds Prerna for ruining the family peace and respect. She asks Prerna how could she insult Veena in the party. She warns Prerna. Mohini asks Maasi to sideline the ego and just obey her from now, if she wants to save her from the arrest. Prerna learns that Mr. Bajaj had hired Veena just to help her financially. Prerna doesn’t hate Mr. Bajaj and feels close to know him more. Tanvi gets angry that Prerna is still bonding with him. Prerna takes a stand against Maasi. She is sure that Mr. Bajaj will save Veena. She starts admiring Mr. Bajaj. He would be saving Anurag from London’s business rivals as well, which would raise him in Prerna’s eyes. The mutual admiration marks a new phase in their relationship.

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