Star Plus Quick Highlights Top 2 underrated shows

Starplus Top 2 Underrated shows Highlights Today

Star Plus Quick Highlights Top 2 underrated shows Sanjivani’s team reaches the site to treat the accident victims. They get terrified seeing the deadly accident and too critical states of the people. Sid meets his mum, whom he didn’t meet since two days. He tells her that Shashank was suffering from brain tumor and had undergone the surgery. He tells that he was busy in making an efficient team to assist Juhi. He gives the good news that Shashank is fine now. She asks him why is he looking worried. He lies that he is fired from the job. Shashank gets conscious and meets Juhi.

He thanks her for saving his life. Juhi tells him that she got a chance to pay honor to her teacher. He asks her to take the Chief of Surgery post if she really respects him. Anjali is displeased hearing their conversation. She wants to change his decision. She gets to know about the casualty and rushes. She attends the emergency cases. Vardaan tells Anjali that she should become the head of Sanjivani. He asks her to support him so that he can support her. Anjali agrees to join hands with him. The residents find hard to treat the injured people. Ishani falls in trouble and gets help from Sid.

Ishani and Sid treat the victims. Sid directs the first year residents. Rishabh gets into an argument with him, since Sid is suspended. Sid fights Rishabh and asks him to let him do his work, at which he is the best. Ishani saves a girl, who parents are responsible for the accident. Ishani tells her that she isn’t responsible for this. The people get against the terrorist’s daughter. Ishani asks them not to hurt the girl, the child can’t be blamed for parents’ crime. She recalls her own childhood and turns emotional. Sid and Ishani protect the girl and take her to the ambulance.

Vardaan sees the news and finds Ishani getting the girl to Sanjivani. He makes the most of the situation by giving a calm statement that Sanjivani always saves lives, but if the girl is involved in terrorist attack, then Sanjivani will not support her. Ishani tries to save the girl’s life and prepares for the surgery. Vardaan asks Ishani to make the girl out. Ishani fights against Vardaan. Vardaan plans to use Ishani as a trump card. Ishani values a human’s life. Ishani and Sid hide the girl from Vardaan, and take the girl for the surgery to treat her.

Reviewed Rating for this particular episode: 4/5
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Ek Bhram Sarvagun Sampanna:

Kabir and Sonali hide Pooja’s mum from her. Suman asks Kabir to think again if he wants to marry Pooja. Kabir tells Suman that he has thought well about this decision. He asks Sonali to get Pooja for the haldi. Pooja and Amma try to check the CCTV footage. They find a girl in the footage. They get to see some antique bracelet and catch the clue. They don’t know that Sonali is the one in the footage. Pooja misses to see Sonali’s bracelet. Kabir asks Suman to apply haldi to Pooja. Suman curses Pooja and vents her anger. She scolds Pooja and Amma. She doesn’t want Pooja to become her bahu. She asks Pooja why did she target her family.

Amma tells Kabir that they won’t be doing any rituals now, they will not bear the insult. Kabir tells them that Suman had thrown haldi on the ground, but its still there. He asks them to apply the same haldi. Dada ji goes to meet Kalyani. He gets a shock on meeting Pooja’s mum. Pooja’s mum reacts on knowing about Pooja and Kabir’s marriage. She hurts Dada ji and wants to know about Pooja. Kabir handles her and takes care of Dada ji. He reveals that this woman is Pooja’s mum. He asks Dada ji not to tell this to Pooja.

Pooja begs Dada ji to help her in finding her mum. Kabir doesn’t let Dada ji tell anything to her. He asks Dada ji to believe him, that he isn’t wrong. Dada ji tells Kabir that Dhruv kidnapped Pooja and Kabir kidnapped Pooja’s mum, both the brothers are same. Sonali defends Kabir’s motives and intentions. She doesn’t think Kabir is like Dhruv. She tells Dada ji that Kabir is taking care of Pooja’s mum well. Pooja learns her mum has run away from Kabir’s clutches. She threatens Kabir and asks him to get out of her house. She refuses to marry him.

Reviewed Rating for this particular episode: 2/5
This rating is solely based on the opinion of the writer. You may post your take on the show in the comment section below.


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