High Five Spoilers Bahu Begum and more

Tujhse Hai Raabta Bahu Begum Top 5 Spoilers

High Five Spoilers Bahu Begum and more Raja Beta Vedant takes a decision about who shall be given the responsibility of handling home and hospital. He decides to suggest Purva’s name to Dadi. Ramesh meets Vedant and is angry over the canceled cheque. He asks Vedant what about the price which we have to give to hide your sins. Vedant says I have thought enough and decided that my Dadi will never give money any blackmailer. He says talking about Rahul, I will handle him. Ramesh asks how? He says you know what Rahul will do if he doesn’t get the money. He will ruin Bau ji’s respect and get the hospital closed. Vedant says you are very eager to give money to Rahul and asks if you have share in that money so that my sins can be compensated. Ramesh looks shocked as Vedant tries to figure out the truth and tries to find out whose conspiracy is this.

Jaat Na Poocho Prem Ki: Rukmani comes to Badal. Badal folds his hand and says I have nothing to do with your daughter and family and says once I get my family back, I will leave from this city. Rukmani says I came to make you meet your family. She tells him about his family’s whereabouts. Badal saves his family from Pujan’s captivity and comes to Pujan’s house. He tells Suman that her father only had kidnapped his family. Suman is shocked and gets upset on Pujan for taking fake swear.

Main Bhi Ardhangini: Adhiraj talks to the feather and tells that he will share with it whenever he comes to know about his past. He says I hope that day comes soon. Maha Maya says Adhiraj wants to know about his past connecting with the feather and says if he comes to know even a word about his past then all my doings will be ruined. Mohini hears her and so Adhiraj’s past key is with Maya. She thinks to find out about his past and make him against Maha Maya.

Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan: Rivaaj gets back to the secret room after hearing Mayura and Ram coming there. Mayura and Ram come there and see him sitting. She thinks something is wrong, don’t know why and looks at the secret passage duct. Ram romances with Mayura in front of Rivaaj to make him jealous. Rivaaj makes a plan to escape and gets an idea from where to escape. Mayura senses something is wrong. Ram gives her flowers to cheer her up. Ram cancels Shooting and says he is on holiday. Premraj says the industry will blacklist him. Mayura searches for Rivaaj’s secret account details and comes to know about vital evidence.

She thinks he gave so much bribe to enter politics and thinks this is the golden chance to ruin him in front of public. She thinks to give this info to media and is about to check Rivaaj on his laptop when Roop comes there and asks what you are doing.

Bahu Begum: Noor dances with Surayya and others during her haldi rasam. Azaan thinks his Shayra is making someone else as his wife. Shayra applies haldi to Noor. Azaan calls Shayra and says today is my haldi too. He says you will not get a chance to apply haldi to me again. He holds her hand and makes her smear his face with haldi. Noor couldn’t bear to see him holding Shayra’s hand and comes there to stop them. She holds Shayra’s hand angrily. Shayra cries.


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