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Hotstar Highlights Today 22nd October 2019

Star Plus Today Interesting Upcomings Top 3 Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum Sonakshi wants to tell the truth to Veena that she isn’t in any relation with Rohit. Their conversation breaks because of the guests. Sonakshi takes selfies with the guests. Rohit is seen by his family. Rohit hugs Sonakshi and is happy to meet her. Sonakshi gets surprised. She imagines Rohit with her. Veena asks Rohit what is he doing here. She asks him to convince Sonakshi. Rohit gets after Sonakshi to talk to her. She ignores him. He asks her to become his girlfriend. Sonakshi goes and a lady takes her place. When the lady agrees to him, Rohit changes his words. Sonakshi laughs seeing the troubles for Rohit. Rohit doesn’t want unwanted attention.

Rohit invites Sonakshi in the Teejri dinner at Sippy mansion. He doesn’t want Sonakshi to refuse. They both get into a super awkward moment. Rohit blackmails her and convinces her. Sonakshi asks him not to tell everyone about their fake relation. Rohit tells her that she has to do this for few months. She doesn’t agree. She just wants to do the drama for few days. Meanwhile, Pari meets Rohan and tries to get his business contacts. Rohan has evil plans to woo Pari. He wants to date Pari for a while. Pari doesn’t know he is married and gets struck by his charm.

Sonakshi returns home and informs Suman about the event. She tells that Sippys met her at the event and invited her for dinner. Suman doesn’t like Sippys getting after her daughters Sonakshi and Praniti. Sonakshi tells Suman that she can’t refuse to Sippys. She prepares to attend the Teejri dinner. Rohit and Sonakshi meet at his house. The family expects Sonakshi to keep a fast for Rohit.

Reviewed Rating for this particular episode: 4/5
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Star Plus Today Interesting Ek Bhram Sarvagun Sampanna:

Kabir marries Pooja by making new vows with every round. He makes Pooja vow that she will always respect his family and rectify her mistakes. He wants her to apologizes for her evil doings and change herself. Pooja gets compelled to make vows. Kabir and Pooja turn into a married couple. Rani gets a huge shock knowing the marriage is completed. Kabir makes Pooja keep her vows. He makes her apologize to his family members. Pooja is unhappy. Rani feels Kabir and Pooja can’t unite. Rani spikes the milk glasses to ruin Kabir’s wedding night. Kabir and Pooja drink the spiked milk and get intoxicated. They get mad and funny.

They sing, dance and romance in the drugged state. Kabir makes Pooja perform the seven pots rituals for his family. Pooja loses her balance, but Kabir reaches her to help. He proves how an ideal life partner becomes strength. He wants to explain Pooja what marriage means in reality.

Reviewed Rating for this particular episode: 2/5
This rating is solely based on the opinion of the writer. You may post your take on the show in the comment section below.


Vardaan seeks Ishani’s help in teaching a lesson to Dr. Siddhant. He tells her that the history will repeat if she spares Sid this time. Sid and Niti treat some poor patients in the locality. Niti asks him to go to the hospital. Sid tells her that the people here need him. Sid tries to save a little girl’s life. Sid uses his smartness and tricks to help people. Anjali tells Vardaan that she never gets the credit for her work. He tells her that he can help her. She is angry that Juhi has become Chief of Surgery. He asks her to trust herself if Shashank doesn’t trust her. He tells her that he will start a VIP wing and she can head that new wing.

She asks him how would be convince Shashank for the new wing. He asks her to wait and watch, time will show how Shashank agrees. Ishani meets Shashank to talk about Dr. Sid. Shashank tells Ishani that Sid is good-hearted and has good intentions to help people. He tells her that Sid doesn’t get any help from the system, that’s why he steps in to help people in different ways.

He praises Sid and tells her that Sanjivani needs a gem like Sid. He believes that Ishani will not support Vardaan and take the right decision. Sid’s uncle tries to commit suicide. He is mentally unstable. Sid is informed about his uncle. Sid manages to trick his uncle and stops him from lighting fire to himself. Sid handles the situation well. Sid’s mum gets happy.

Sid tells her that he will not let any innocent life end. He reveals that he is suspended from his job. This makes his mum worry. Sid tells her that some people need to understand his intentions. Ishani recalls Sid’s helpful gestures. Sania tells her that Sid isn’t a bad person. Ishani gets confused since she has seen Sid taking money from rich patients. She doesn’t want Sid to defame Sanjivani. Aman and Asha also explain Ishani that Sid has saved Sania’s life, Sid should be part of Sanjivani. They ask Ishani to support Sid in the board meeting. Ishani also values Sid after realizing his true intentions. Ishani withdraws her complaint against Sid.

Reviewed Rating for this particular episode: 4/5
This rating is solely based on the opinion of the writer. You may post your take on the show in the comment section below.


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