Kulfi Kumar Bajewala TellyReviews Highlights

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala TellyReviews Highlights

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala TellyReviews Highlights Sikandar faces a new problem Kulfi and the kids fail to gather any donation from the chawl people, who makes different excuses. Kulfi thinks she won’t get any idol without money. She wants Ganpati to come to the chawl so that he takes away all the problems from Sikandar and them. On the other hand, Sikandar tries to buy a second hand AC. He buys the AC. He gets to read the ad that a musician is required in the cafe. He gets happy seeing the vacancy. He meets the manager to apply for the job. He gives a demo by playing a piano. He thinks he can easily get the job. Kulfi and Amyra console each other. They talk to the kids and get some idea. Kulfi tells them that they can really arrange money.

The cafe manager likes Sikandar’s music skills and asks him to start the work right away. Sikandar gets too happy that he finally started earning. Kulfi and Amyra decide to sell the junk so that they can get money to buy Ganpati idol. The kids also get some junk from their houses. They want to sacrifice old useless things for a good purpose. Meanwhile, Nihalo asks Lovely to meet the jailer and ask for laundry task. She makes a plan and explains Lovely. Lovely asks the jailer to give her the responsibility of laundry.

She tells that she is good at handling clothes. Jailer doesn’t listen to her. She assigns kitchen task to her and asks her to try cooking. Lovely worries that her plan didn’t work. Sikandar plays the piano and impresses one and all. He wants to go home and meet his daughters soon after his work. Kulfi gets much money after selling the junk. The kids reach the store to buy an idol. They find the idols too costly. They try to buy an idol with the money they have. The shopkeeper melts heart seeing the kids buying the idol.


p style=”text-align: justify”>Kulfi doesn’t want to bargain for the idol. She tells the shopkeeper that she doesn’t want to bring loss for him. She feels it will be wrong with the idol. The shopkeeper gives her some soil to place near the idol. Kulfi gets happy to get a gift from him. Sikandar reaches the chawl to meet his kids. He hugs them and tells them about his new job. He tells that he has earned money today. He drops the money at the cafe itself. </p.

Kulfi and Amyra tell him about buying the idol. He takes the kids to a restaurant to give them a treat. Amyra orders many things, and then realizes their financial state. Sikandar is happy that she is adjusting with their financial status. Sikandar tells them that they will make an eco-friendly Ganpati by using papers. He convinces them. After finishing the feast, he goes to clear the bill. He finds his wallet empty. He doesn’t know how he lost the money and when. He gets troubled once again and lands in an embarrassing situation, right in the presence of his daughters.

Reviewed Rating for this particular episode: 3/5
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