Kumkum Bhagya Today Pragya’s return awaited by Mehras

Kumkum Bhagya Court drama Zee5 Spoilers

Kumkum Bhagya Today Pragya’s return awaited by Mehras Pragya and Savita meet the hotel owner Amit and pack the food order. Sarita’s grandson Rishi joins Purab’s office. Purab hires Rishi for Rhythm, instead Fusion company where Prachi works under Abhi and Vikram. Dadi gets upset that Abhi and Pragya didn’t meet up. She wants to know why Pragya doesn’t want to meet them again. Meera tells Dadi that if Abhi met Pragya, he would have told her for sure. Mitali also misses Pragya. She tells Dadi that Pragya would remember her promise. She wants to wait for Pragya. Dadi makes prayers that Pragya finds a way home. She wants Pragya’s old annoyance to end from her heart.

Meera wishes Abhi’s happiness. Dadi gets determined to unite Abhi and Pragya. Meera also wants to pray for their union. Ranbir’s Dida wants to know whom he loves. She doubts that she loves Prachi. He feels he loves Rhea. He doesn’t know that he is falling in love with Prachi unknowingly. Ranbir feels proud of Dida, that she doesn’t have a boyfriend and loves herself. Prachi finds him on the video chat and assumes that he is talking to one of his girlfriend. She asks him to restrict himself and keep some shame.

Ranbir tries his charm on her. He asks Prachi not to get happy by expecting anything. He tells Prachi that he loves mostly all the girls in his life. He reveals that he doesn’t love her, since he doesn’t feel anything for her. Rhea stays disturbed thinking about Prachi. She pretends that she isn’t affected by Ranbir’s rejection. She boasts of her charm. She doesn’t have any fear that Ranbir may fall in love with Prachi. She is confident that he will break Prachi’s heart on her saying. Ranbir drops Prachi on Dida’s saying. They get into a cute argument on the way. She finds him too irritating. He asks her to accept that she loves him.

He tells her that she can start it by liking him, since he is the best guy. Prachi gets irritating him. She gets angry on him for lying to her. He drops her on the way and tells her how much he hates her. He gets Dida’s video call. She wants to know about Prachi. He tells her that Prachi was troubling him and left. She orders him to find Prachi and safely drop her home. Rhea too asks Ranbir to think smartly and drop Prachi.

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