Patiala Babes Sufiyana Pyaar Mera Spoilers Surprise

Patiala Babes Sufiyana Pyaar Mera Spoilers Surprise

Patiala Babes Sufiyana Pyaar Mera Spoilers Surprise Saltanat learns about Madhav’s hatred. She feels she should go to Shah Manzil again, where she felt her family’s presence. She didn’t feel lonely there. She was sensing Zaroon’s love there. She wants to meet Zaroon and family. She tries to get help from the police. Saltanat wants to find out her crime, for which Madhav hates her and wants revenge. Madhav madly looks for her, knowing she has left from the house. Kainat is happy knowing Madhav is going to kill Saltanat.

Kainat learns that Saltanat is missing. She gets panicking and rushes to Shah Manzil to stop Saltanat from entering the family. She wants to limit Saltanat before she reaches Zaroon. Saltanat waits for the inspector to get help. She thinks she should go back home to Madhav. A constable identifies her as Kainat. He quickly informs Zaroon about her, so that Zaroon can come and deal with her. Zaroon fails to meet Saltanat again, since Madhav reaches before him.

Patiala Babes:
Babita isn’t able to forget her past. She has married Hanuman, but wants time to move on. She feels guilty to not accept Hanuman. She shares her dilemma with Hanuman. Hanuman understands her and supports her. He knows she needs strength to develop their relation. He tells her that he isn’t in any hurry, he will give her time to forget the past. He is her friend first. Babita doesn’t want her relation to end. Hanuman handles her emotions well. He asks her not to blame herself for the past. He understands her situation completely. He tells her that they will take their relation ahead gradually. He wants to walk with her, matching steps. Babita feels lucky to get him.

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