Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Evil entries and evil twists

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Evil entries and evil twists

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Evil entries and evil twists Kulfi and the chawl kids are finding Amyra. They hide from the goons. Sikandar worries when he loses his daughter’s pic. He rushes out to find his daughters. He finds a fight going on. He goes to help and gets kidnapped. He lands in the godown again. Kulfi hides inside the drum and watches the kidnappers talk. She sees the kidnapper and thinks to stay hidden until he leaves. The kidnapper takes Amyra to shift to a new place. Kulfi finds Amyra. She asks the kids to go to the chawl. She wants to save Amyra at any cost.

She follows the kidnapper to get Amyra. Sikandar gets threatened by the goon. Sikandar gets beaten up. Kulfi hides in the car dickey. She wants to tell Amyra that she is also with her. Amyra asks the kidnapper to leave her free. They reach the Jagrata competition venue. They want to get free from the goons. Sikandar asks the goon what does he want. The goon limits him for some time and then frees him. Kulfi looks for Amyra. Sikandar is released and goes to the same venue. He sees the security and gets worried. Kulfi knows that Jimmy and Tony are against Sikandar.

She hides from Jimmy. She wonders where is Amyra and why is she brought here. She tries to get in. She wants to take Amyra and leave. Sikandar is asked to cross the security with a new name. He wonders what illegal work are the goons compelling him to do. Kulfi takes the old disguise of a boy and enters the competition hall. She wants to find the truth. She gets easy access because of her disguise. Sikandar tries to get help by talking to someone.

The goons limit him from saying anything. Sikandar gets locked up. He tries to leave from the room. He finds no way to leave. Sikandar confronts Jimmy and bashes him up. He wants to know where is Amyra. A new enemy points gun at Sikandar and threatens to kill him. Kulfi gets worried finding Sikandar in danger. Who is Sikandar’s hidden enemy, the one who kidnapped Amyra and wanted to ruin Sikandar’s life? Keep reading.

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