Kasautii Aamna Sharif Komolika entry Bajaj chapter closes

Kasautii Aamna Sharif Komolika entry Bajaj chapter closes

Kasautii Aamna Sharif Komolika entry Bajaj chapter closes Mr. Bajaj and Anurag’s bitter argument reveals it all. The former confesses his long list of crimes. He is really a whit collar criminal as Anurag tags him. Anurag doesn’t get much shock by his confession, but is taken aback by the way Mr. Bajaj is bravely accepting everything in his overconfidence. Mr. Bajaj has turned into a hero in Prerna’s eyes, as he assumes. He thinks Prerna will never doubt on him again, since she has showed much faith on him. He just wants her to be loyal. Anurag feels disgusting thinking Prerna has married a wrong man. He thinks of her troubles because of Navin and Komolika.

He wants to relieve her of this wrong marriage. He tells Mr. Bajaj that he will expose him to Prerna soon. Mr. Bajaj is sure that Prerna will never doubt on him. He tells that Prerna will not believe Anurag like before. He asks Anurag to try anything he wants. Anurag is happy that Mr. Bajaj has revealed it all and encouraged him to fix the things. He takes Mr. Bajaj’s open challenge. Mr. Bajaj tells him that he really hates him a lot, but acted in front of Prerna. He wants to hide his crime behind his mask of goodness.

Anurag tells him that its really good to express the secrets, since this would help him a lot. Mr. Bajaj also feels light by sharing the secrets. He tells Anurag that Prerna will never see his truth. Anurag warns him. Prerna happens to overhear their conversation for a while. She questions Mr. Bajaj about the secret. Anurag doesn’t want to tell her anything so soon unless he has the evidences against her cunning husband. He tells her that Mr. Bajaj was telling about the accident.

Mr. Bajaj makes Anurag jealous, telling him that he is going to meet Prerna’s family. Anurag wants to fail him completely, knowing he is an evil minded man. Mr. Bajaj thinks he is letting Anurag play games with him, just like he used to fool his dad in childhood. He tells Anurag that he has control over everything in the world. Anurag wants to break his myth. He goes to meet Anupam and reveals Mr. Bajaj’s dark side. He tells Anupam that Mr. Bajaj learnt his plans and took advantage of it. He tells that Mr. Bajaj wanted to kill him deliberately and confessed it too. Anupam tells him that Prerna will believe her husband.

Anurag wants to prove Mr. Bajaj’s crimes. He is sure to stir a storm. He shows belief in Prerna’s love. He tells Anupam that once Prerna learns the ugly truth of Mr. Bajaj, she will herself leave him. He is sure to win his love. Meanwhile, Mr. Bajaj gets prepared to meet his in-laws. Prerna explains about Navratri and Durga Pooja to her daughter. She wants to celebrate Navratri with Basus also. Mr. Bajaj is happy seeing Prerna. He takes her to Sharma house. He meets Sharma family. He behaves like a gentleman.

He tries hard to please them. His struggles get evident when he apologizes to them for marrying Prerna in a wrong way. He explains that he isn’t involved in Anurag’s accident. He wants to prove his clean innocence to get their support. Prerna has no idea about his truth. Anurag doubles his struggles by arriving there and getting all the attention. Anurag knows that Sharma family will always choose him over Mr. Bajaj. Anurag wants to fail his plans. He makes Mr. Bajaj jealous by showing his friendship with Prerna. Mr. Bajaj sits fuming when he watches Prerna and Anurag close. Anurag gets hurt. Prerna tends to him further. This rages Mr. Bajaj.

He maintains his cool. He wants to kill Anurag to make him away from Prerna. Anurag fakes the burn to just get Prerna’s attention. Mr. Bajaj understands that Anurag is trying to get attention and make him jealous. He makes an excuse to go. Anurag taunts him to be an outsider. Mr. Bajaj knows Anurag’s motives. Mohini prepares for the festival and wants Maasi to be away from everything. Maasi agrees to her in order to avoid work. Prerna wants Anurag not to hinder Mr. Bajaj. He doesn’t want Veena to accept Mr. Bajaj as her son-in-law.

She reminds him that she is already married to Mr. Bajaj. He tells her that he will never give up to get his life back. He doesn’t Mr. Bajaj to impress Sharma family. He tells her that he is aware of her love and now she shall know the truth. He tells her that Navratri will unite them forever. He knows that Prerna and Mr. Bajaj’s marriage is just a pretence. He wants to know the reason for her marrying Mr. Bajaj. Mr. Bajaj challenges Anurag that he will take Prerna away from him. Prerna praises Anurag, which makes Mr. Bajaj angry.

Anurag gets irritating Mr. Bajaj more. Mr. Bajaj can’t see Anurag’s tactics. Anurag wants to provoke him to the limit that he blurts out the truth himself. Prerna will finally learn Mr. Bajaj’s truth. She feels helpless that she is married to him, when she just loves Anurag. Anurag is happy that they really got together before the end of Navratri. He wants Prerna’s support so that they unite. He tells her that no one can come between them ever. Komolika returns in their lives to bring more dangerous twists.

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  1. If this is the end of Bajaj, then not watching the show any more. I have started to watch the show from 17th July 2019, ever since Bajaj entered. I am watching the show for Karan. So if he leaves the show then for me it will be the end of Kasauti. I am not a fond of Perth or Erica at all.

  2. I am so happy that Mr Bajaj is leaving the show. Anupre are made for each other and they will surely remove the another Stone komolika from their life when they r together


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