YRKKH Kartik Naira destiny brings a new storm

YRKKH Kartik Naira destiny brings a new storm

YRKKH Kartik Naira destiny brings a new storm Naira wants to explain her decision to Kartik. She wishes to break the divorce decision to him by reasoning out the right way. She tells the family that Kartik isn’t answering since long. She wonders if he took it wrong that she is taking away Kairav. She thinks if Kartik got to know about the divorce as well. Kartik goes to meet his lawyer to get an answer about the new problem. He doesn’t want Naira to take away Kairav from him at any cost. He wants some solution to keep Kairav with him.

The lawyer suggests him to file the custody case, in which he will surely win. Naksh asks Naira to ask Gayu about Kartik. Goenkas arrive there and ask about Kairav. They are relieved that Kairav isn’t at home. They confront Naira in Kairav’s absence. They scold Naira for always taking the decisions single-handedly, without informing or consulting any elders. They ask her how can she decide to take Kairav away from them. They don’t want Kairav to go anywhere. Naira doesn’t want to hurt anyone. She reveals that she has come back to Kartik’s life soon that their marriage isn’t void.

She tells them that she isn’t hurting anyone by taking Kairav away. She tells that she has promised Vedika that she will not pose any problem for her. She explains that Kartik and Vedika can move on in their lives only if she makes a leave. She tells them that Kartik is always after Kairav and this is bothering Vedika. She reasons out with a hope that they will understand. Dadi can’t part ways with Kairav. Manish asks Naira how can she decide everything alone, the decision to leave Kartik alone and now taking Kairav away from them. He blames her for hurting Kairav intentionally and taking revenge on her.

He tells Naira that its wrong that she didn’t forgive Kartik and is demeaning him. He tells that everyone loves Kairav a lot. He wants to keep Kairav with them. He tells Naira that nothing will go wrong if she stays in Udaipur. Naira fails to tell them about Vedika’s suicide attempt. She tells them that she will always let them meet Kairav. Manish asks Naira not to punish them this way. He scolds Naira a lot for ruining Kartik’s life and snatching his happiness always.

Consequently, Manish argues with Singhanias, when they tend to support Naira. Singhanias feel that Naira suffered a lot in life because of Kartik and made many sacrifices. Dadi tells them that even Kartik tolerated a lot since Naira faked her death. Singhanias don’t want Naira to get blamed again. The families have a new clash again. They defend their children first. Gayu asks Naira to just find Kartik who isn’t home since long. Naira wants Kartik to understand her when the family isn’t understanding her. She gets desperate to find Kartik.

Reviewed Rating for this particular episode: 4/5
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  1. Please kaira ke bich ab koi ladhai mat dhikhaiye bass ab in dono ko Mila dijiye aur dono ko saath Rakhke koi bhi drama, twist ya koi bhi story nahi wali dhikhaiye ab bohat ho gayi dono ki narakgi. Pleeeeaaaseeee kaira ki ek kijiye. Ye court kacheri mat dhikhaiye please ????

    • Real law me to 18 sal se pehle bache ki custidy maa ko di jati hai… Ye serial me law ka mjak bna ke rakhe hai.. Bnd kr do is serial ko agr aise hi boring bnana hai to

  2. They have lost all their charm
    It started as true and unconditional relationship
    But now it’s just demeaning n unhealthy
    No trust n understanding
    That’s not love they showed when this started
    Karthik always seems so majnu n bechara typed
    BT actually he is the one who always misunderstands n gets his ego in the way of them

  3. We want kairato get united and we don’t want vedika in their life . Director should end this serial if he is not able to make any further story. Pls don’t make any worst situation in between kaira


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