Sufiyana Pyaar Final showdown between Zaroon Kainat

Sufiyana Pyaar Final showdown between Zaroon Kainat

Sufiyana Pyaar Final showdown between Zaroon Kainat Kainat gets scared of Madhav. She thinks she has already got her love Zaroon. She doesn’t have any regrets in life. She is happy that she has Zaroon with her. Zaroon asks Krish to tell him more about Madhav and Saltanat. He wants to know what’s their relation and why did Madhav save Saltanat. He thinks Saltanat is Kainat, a criminal. He assumes that even Madhav is a criminal helping Kainat in killing Shah family members. Krish tells him that Madhav is his dad, who loves him a lot. He tells how Madhav got Saltanat home few days back. Zaroon gets confused knowing about Saltanat. He thinks if Kainat isn’t Kainat. Indu goes to Krish’s room.

She gets terrified when she doesn’t find him. She wants to inform Madhav that Krish is missing from the house. Madhav feels guilty seeing Saltanat. He wants to help her now. He thinks Kainat has taken Saltanat’s identity and left Saltanat to die or get punished by him. He doesn’t want to trouble Saltanat more. He thinks Kainat is very clever that she has switched her identity. He wants to tell the truth to Saltanat. He thinks she isn’t in any state to understand the situation. He decides to tell the truth to Zaroon first.

Meanwhile, Indu asks Sneha to find out Krish. Zaroon gets Krish home. He asks Indu to call Madhav home. He wants to talk to Madhav and know the mystery behind his involvement in Shah family incidents. Indu calls up Madhav to inform about Krish. Madhav breaks down and reveals to her that he had made a big mistake, since Kashish isn’t Kainat. Zaroon misses to hear this since the call gets disconnected. Krish tells Zaroon about Saltanat, who knows him too. He tells that Saltanat had made his sketch once. He shows the sketch. Zaroon wants to find about Kainat and senses Saltanat. He thinks what’s happening with her.

Kainat finds a way to deal with Madhav. She buys a gun to protect herself. Rubina gets surprised that Zainab got conscious. Zainab wants to talk to Zaroon. She asks Rubina to just call Zaroon home. She gets insisting and Rubina hurriedly calls Zaroon. Zaroon leaves from Madhav’s house and fails to see Madhav bringing Saltanat. Zaroon rushes home to meet Zainab. She breaks the big truth that the one living with him as Saltanat is Kainat. Zaroon can’t believe this harsh truth. He feels he failed in keeping his love for Saltanat. He understands that he has stabbed his love Saltanat on Kainat’s instigation. He thinks of Kainat’s unimaginable conspiracies. Zaroon confronts Kainat and showers his wrath on her.

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