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Kundali Shakti Top 4 Spoilers Snips Today Raja Beta: Pankhudi challenges Purva that Dr. Vedant will break her fast and says you will not even get to see his face. Purva says I won’t let this happen. If you don’t let him come home, then I will come to the hospital. Pankhudi sends Sanju to a meeting. Sanju asks Vedant to bring married woman stuff from the shop. Purva says only the husband brings it. Vedant asks her to be his PA and not to interfere and tells Sanju that he will bring it. Pankhudi comes to Vedant and asks if he is going to Delhi. Vedant says he is going to Delhi for a conference. Purva says there is nothing like that in his schedule. Pankhudi says can I come with you. Vedant says you can come along with me. Purva gets tensed and insists to come with them as Vedant’s PA.

>Kundali Bhagya: Preeta cries as the thieves/terrorists hold Karan and beat him. Preeta asks them to leave Karan and tells that it was her mistake that they came to know about his whereabouts. She says sorry to Karan and asks the thieves to leave him. The thief slaps Preeta hard to stop her. Karan gets angry and jerks the thieves away. He beats the thief slapping Preeta and asks how dare he to touch and slap Preeta. Preeta sees Karan’s hidden love for her.

Bahu Begum: Shayra is doubtful on Qazala. Qazala tells Azaan that everyone thinks her guilty and before they want to throw her out, she will leave the house. Azaan says there are many issues between Dadi and Ammi which is unsolved and says until all those issues get solved, Dadi will not go anywhere. He says our whole family is together and that’s why we shall have a grand bash. Qazala thinks there will be a celebration, but when my family completes for sure. She thinks you people can’t think what storm is going to come in your life.

Shakti: Arjun is in dilemma seeing Soumya’s immense love for Heer and thinks whom to help Soumya or Vedant. Shanno thinks of Mahi’s words and thinks to find out today about Heer’s truth, why Mahi dislikes her. She takes Heer to her room talking sweetly. She makes Heer drink water and makes it fall on her clothes. She then says sorry. Heer wipes it. Shanno asks her to remove her clothes and wrap herself with clothes until she brings her fresh clothes. Heer nods her head. Shanno smirks. Soumya and Preeto search for Heer in every room and gets worried.




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