Star Prime Exclusive Hits Triple Twists Spoilers

Star Prime Exclusive Hits Triple Twists Spoilers

Star Prime Exclusive Hits Triple Twists Spoilers Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Kartik and Naira fight the kidnappers. They try to get away from their clutches. The kidnapping gets close moments between them. They get grateful to the kidnappers for giving them this chance. Their marriage moments in the intoxicated state brings their romance after a long time. They reach the court for the custody battle. It gets upsetting for them. They change their decision once again for the sake of Vedika, who wants them to get divorced at any cost. Naira picks a fallen file. She gets checking the documents and confronts Kartik. She vents all her accumulated anger on him.

Sufiyana Pyar Mera:

Dadi calls some women home to humiliate Saltanat. The women stain Saltanat’s character for staying in Madhav’s house as his wife. They ask Shah family to throw out Saltanat from their house. Saltanat argues with them. Saltanat takes a stand for herself. She also defends Madhav. Police reaches Shah Manzil and breaks the news that they have caught Kainat’s murderer, Zaroon. Saltanat is in shock that Zaroon took the blame on himself just to save her. She tells Madhav that she had killed Kainat. She wants to free Zaroon. Madhav assures her that he will help her.

Madhav gets impressed with the way Saltanat handles the angry crowd. She doesn’t think Madhav deserves a humiliation. Kainat had framed Zaroon once again by accusing him the legal way. Madhav becomes Saltanat’s good friend. Saltanat and Madhav want to get Zaroon released.

Yeh Rishtey Hai Pyaar Ke:
Abir learns Kuhu and Kunal’s marriage truth when he finds them arguing. He learns that Kuhu married her unwillingly. Kunal tells Kuhu that he had married her but won’t keep the marriage. He has decided to divorce her. Abir learns that they both have done everything to frame Mishti. He understands that Kuhu was helping Kunal since she loves him. Kunal expresses his bitterness. He doesn’t want Abir to interfere in his marriage decision. He asks Abir is he listening to him. He expresses that he hates Mishti and doesn’t want to see her in the family.

Abir gets shattered seeing their bad equations. He gets support from Mehul. He tells Mehul that they have to fix the things by convincing Meenakshi. He doesn’t want to become a reason for Kunal’s divorce. He faces the complicated situation. He doesn’t know if he should sacrifice his relation with Mishti for Kunal’s sake. Mishti learns about Kunal’s divorce decision and slaps him. Abir supports Mishti and Kuhu, while going against Kunal.


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