YRKKH Sanjivani Nimki Vidhayak Spoilers Alert

YRKKH Sanjivani Nimki Vidhayak Spoilers Alert

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YRKKH Sanjivani Nimki Vidhayak Spoilers Alert Nimki wants Mintu to come with her and leave his work. She takes him for shopping to buy clothes for him. She tells him that Babbu used to wear jackets. Mintu asks her who wears jackets in such a hot weather. He jokes that Babbu was mad. He meets his friends and learns about the new task given by minister. He leaves with them. Ganga warns Parag against ruining her political power. He asks her to find a new son for him when she gets in power. He sees Mintu protesting outside the house. He vents anger on Mintu. He wants Mintu to get out of his house. Mintu protests against Ganga. Nimki feels Mintu is very stubborn and rude. She forgets the shopping bags outside. She asks Vimla where did the jacket go.

Abhimanyu wears the jacket and thanks Nimki for the gift. Nimki tells him that the jacket isn’t for him, but for Babbu. She finds him shocked. She lies about the minister Babbu Yadav. She asks Abhimanyu why is he playing the news. The family watches Parag and Mintu’s argument on the news channel. Abhimanyu gets shocked to see Mintu. Nimki switches off the tv and doesn’t want them to ask anything. Ganga Devi learns that Mintu saved Nimki.

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She thinks Nimki can help them. She asks Shankar to call Nimki and ask her to stop Mintu’s protests. Nimki tries hard to stop the protest. Nimki and Dadi see the protest live. Dadi worries seeing Mintu being around Ganga, his mum. She fears of his arrest and collapses down.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Kartik acts mad to dig up the soil. The servants find it weird and rush to call Suwarna. She asks Kartik to stop the madness. Kartik vents anger on himself. He tells Suwarna that he is frustrated with his life. He wants to know why didn’t Naira come back early and stop his marriage. He tells Suwarna that Naira left from his life and pretended to be dead, but he still loves her. He expresses his feelings to Suwarna that he doesn’t love Vedika and want Naira back. He feels suffocated in his marriage with Vedika. Naira too is much hurt realizing that Kartik is also hurt because of the custody battle. She didn’t wish to face such a day that they fight for their child. She hurts herself by eating spicy chaat and sheds tears. She wants to repent for her weird reactions.


Sid and Ishani have a moment of love striking. Sid can’t help himself when he falls for mesmerizing Ishani. He compliments her party look. She also tells him that he looks so handsome. Their love story begins. Their friends tease Sid and Ishani. They get a chance to pull the lovers’ leg. Asha asks Ishani to confess love to Sid. Ishani wants to be sure of Sid’s feelings first. Shashank feels sick. He gets a heartache. Juhi and Anjali rush to him and care for him. Anjali gets upset that Juhi is still with him. Shashank asks Juhi not to bother about Anjali. He compliments Juhi. They have a moment of admiration. Juhi keeps her annoyance aside and looks after his health.

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