Yeh Rishta Surprised Kartik Guilty Vedika sacrificing Naira

Yeh Rishta Surprised Kartik Guilty Vedika sacrificing Naira

Yeh Rishta Surprised Kartik Guilty Vedika sacrificing Naira Bhabhimaa is much hurt thinking of Naira’s sorrow. She wants to share Naira’s sorrow. She realizes the deep sorrow Naira has faced. She wonders why didn’t Kartik not understand Naira when he loved her so much. She wants to know why is Naira bearing so much when she can easily solve the mess by telling the truth to Kartik about Vedika’s pressure. She doesn’t want to get Kartik and Naira fighting for Kairav. Kairav gets flowers for her prayers. He gets to know that Kartik is fighting with Naira and troubling her a lot. He wants to know the reason for the fight. He rushes to ask Naira about it. He overhears Naira and Naksh’s conversation. He finds them upset as well.

Naksh supports Naira. Naira doesn’t want to blame anyone. She knows Kartik is right on his front. She tells that Kairav should know about his parents’ fight. Kairav wants to know the cause of all the problems. Meanwhile, Vedika wants to tell Kartik about her past. She finds Kartik already sunken in sorrow. She can’t see the family upset. She feels guilty that she is the reason for their sorrow, since she has compelled Naira to go with from everyone. She can’t help herself. She doesn’t want to tell them about her ex.

She thinks to take time before she tells Kartik about her problem. Naira makes snacks for Kairav to keep herself busy. Naksh informs her that their case is still strong, Damini’s accusations were baseless. He tells them that he spoke to her lawyer and they can still win the custody. Naira looks disturbed to him. Kairav wants to know the meaning of custody. Vansh helps him by telling the meaning. He tells that people fight for custody over their favorite things. Kairav wants to know for what are his parents fighting. Naira feeds him the cake with love. She promises to spend time with him. She misses their alone time. Kairav tells her that he loves her a lot.

Moreover, Kartik gets dreaming that Naira is leaving once again and taking Kartik along. He reprimands her for her thought to abort the baby. She gets angry on him for snatching her son. He tells her that he will always keep his son with himself. They get into an ugly fight, witnessed by Kairav. Kairav reacts angrily and tells them that he hates them for their fight. He gets badly hurt. The nightmare shocks Kartik. Kartik speaks to Naira to know about Kairav. Naira wants to meet Kartik for a purpose. She doesn’t want Kairav to get sorrow by learning about their bitter past. Kartik doesn’t want to meet her. She requests him for a final meet.

Kartik is himself affected by the custody case hearings. Naira informs Liza about the courtroom shockers. Liza asks her to tell Kartik about the abortion form. Naira doesn’t want to reveal anything. She tells her decision taken for Kairav. She doesn’t want Kairav to learn anything that breaks his heart. She thinks of protecting Kairav from all sorts of sorrow. She wants to fix everything for the sake of Kairav’s happiness. She is ready to make a big sacrifice. Dadi is worried that Naira is adamant and hurting Kartik. Vedika curses herself that she is the reason for their sorrow. She didn’t wish this to happen.

She knows that Naira is doing this for saving her marriage. Kartik meets Naira to know the suspense matter. He asks her why she called him at the time when they should be at the court. She shocks him by telling him about the custody. She asks him to take Kairav’s custody and all rights on him. Kartik gets surprised. Vedika gets chased by her ex. She is worried that her past is going to ruin her present.

Naira tells Kartik that she wants to decide for Kairav’s happiness. She gets emotional. She tells Kartik that Kairav is weak at heart, he is too young and needs utmost care. She tells him that she is sure that Kartik will love Kairav a lot.

She assures that she won’t disturb Vedika and his life. He gets emotionally drained. Naira takes the decision for the sake of her son’s well being and happiness. Kartik respects her decision. He wants to know the reason for her abortion attempt. Naira finds hard to answer her. He also makes a sacrifice and gives the custody rights back to Naira, by withdrawing the case.

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