Sanjivani Ishani Accident news shocks Sid

Sanjivani Ishani Accident news shocks Sid

Sanjivani Ishani Accident news shocks Sid Ishani wants her answers from Sid. She reaches his house to meet him and talk to him. She wants to know why is he behaving so rudely and refusing her love. She tells him that she wants to know the reason for his indifference. Sid doesn’t want to explain her. He asks her to get away. He tells her that he doesn’t have any answer. Ishani is determined to know about his reactions. She sits outside his house all night. She wants a clarification on her relationship. She waits for Sid. She thinks he will come out and discuss. Sid doesn’t do this. She is sure that she has fallen in love with Sid.

She thinks he has met something unfortunate in the past that isn’t letting him stay happy. She thinks he has fallen in love with her and still denying it because of the past. She makes a plan when he avoids her again. Sid gets the news of her accident. He gets a huge shock and recalls the accident where he had lost his bride. He doesn’t want his ill fate to strike Ishani. He rushes to Ishani to save her life. He doesn’t want Ishani to pay the price for his ill fate. He feels guilty of Ishani’s state. He gets ill thoughts about the accident.

He thinks where is she and what has happened to her. He loses courage to face her. Ishani stays fine and confronts him for his immense concern and tension. She wants to make him realize that he has fallen in love with her and it can never get denied again. She asks him to just confess his love. Sid breaks down. Sid doesn’t want to tell her about his bitter past. Sid owes an explanation to her. Ishani acts strong to know his painful past. She is sure to help him overcome his fears related to the past. Will Ishani succeed to get Sid’s love? Keep reading.

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