Kulfi Kumarr Bajewala Critical moment strikes hard

Kulfi Kumarr Bajewala Critical moment strikes hard

Kulfi Kumarr Bajewala Critical moment strikes hard Sikandar heals Fateh’s wounds. He is helpless to hurt Fateh so that he can secure his daughters’ lives. He wants to assure that his daughters stay fine always. He feels he has no other option than hurting Fateh. Fateh gets scared on seeing him. He finds it weird that his kidnapper is doing aid to his wound. Sikandar tells him that he did this just because he promised Jimmy. Kulfi sheds tears for Sikandar. She wanted to know the truth of his actions. She asks him to go for the test in the morning. He is worried that his illness truth will be known to everyone. She thinks why is he helpless to kidnap Fateh. He wants to tell her that he is still her good father.

He can’t reveal to her how helpless he is. He doesn’t want her to see him in evil avatar. She also wants to see his good avatar. He loves Kulfi and Amyra a lot. He is helpless to hide the painful truth from them. He blesses them. He wants to set their future without losing hope. Jimmy doesn’t want to lose to Sikandar. She wants his son back. He also wants to ruin Sikandar. He sends a spy after Sikandar. Sikandar records a video message for Kulfi and Amyra. He tells them the reason for troubling Fateh. He tells that he didn’t do this to take revenge on Jimmy. He knows that he is going to die by the brain tumour. He wants to make their future shape up.

He tells them that he has courage to face every day because of them. He wants them to always be strong and lead their lives. He records the emotional message. He tells them that they need to take good sensible decisions when they don’t have him with them. He asks them to look after each other and become strength. He wants to avoid the tests by some plan. Kulfi and Amyra take Sikandar to the hospital, where he is charged a big amount for the tests. Sikandar is happy that they can’t get the test done. He tells them that they have no money for the test. Kulfi tells him that they have got the money for the test.

Kulfi gets a feeling that Sikandar isn’t fine. Sikandar doesn’t want the chawl people to spend money on him. Himmat asks him to get the test done. Everyone insists him to go for the MRI test. Kulfi is determined to get his MRI scan done and know the truth. Sikandar wonders how will we get saved from this test. Sikandar asks the doctor not to take him for the test, he doesn’t want to waste the money. He requests the doctor to lie for his sake. The doctor doesn’t listen to him. Kulfi and Amyra want the truth out. Sikandar gets helpless to undergo the test, while Kulfi drinks the drugged water from his bottle. Kulfi gets critical after consuming the strong medicines. She collapses much to Sikandar and Amyra’s shock.

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