Yeh Rishta Shocking Alert Kairav invites huge danger

Yeh Rishta Shocking Alert Kairav invites huge danger

Yeh Rishta Shocking Alert Kairav invites huge danger Kartik gets much excited knowing Kairav and Kartik share the same birth date. Kairav is much upset that Kartik is hurting Naira again and again. He doesn’t like the fact that his parents aren’t happy together. He wants them to make a happy family. Kartik tells Naira that he will have a grand celebration for Kairav’s birthday. He feels its a big surprise for him as well. Naira tells him that she won’t stop him from planning anything, since Kairav’s happiness will also double up when he knows that Kartik’s birthday celebrations are also on the same day.

She tells that Kairav always wanted his dad on his birthday and this time, they can surprise Kairav well. She asks Kartik to hold his excitement. They wonder how will Kairav react knowing this news. Meanwhile, Kairav cries while getting inside the cupboard. When he falls short of breath, he tries to come out. He gets locked inside accidentally. He shouts for help. The family doesn’t know about him. Kartik and Naira share their wonderful planning for their child. They want Kairav to be super happy. Kartik didn’t celebrate any birthday with Kairav. He reminds Naira about her excitement for her birthdays always.

Kartik wants Naira to decide everything. They share a laugh. Naksh soon breaks their moment by revealing that Kairav is missing. He tells them that Kairav isn’t at home, while Vansh dropped him and reached Goenka house. He wonders where did Kairav go. Singhanias look around for Kairav. Naira checks the room. She finds Kairav inside the cupboard. She gets a shock on seeing his unconscious state. Naksh calls the doctor for Kairav. He gets Kairav treated on time. He gets angry on Kartik. He feels everything is happening because of Kartik’s mistakes. He counts Kartik’s mistakes of always hurting Naira’s heart. He tells Kartik that Kairav’s heart is hurt and that’s why he stayed away from them.

He accuses Kartik for troubling Naira and always parting ways with her. He asks Kartik to realize his mistakes. Kartik accepts his mistakes. He feels more guilty. Naira doesn’t want Kartik to shatter. Kairav learns about Kartik’s mistakes, the number of times Kartik has hurt Naira. He sympathizes with Naira. He feels sorry for her. He promises to always stay with her and never trouble her. He wants to confront Kartik. Naira doesn’t know that Kairav is aware of the custody case and his parents’ battle.

Later, Kartik gets pacified by Naira. She shares the blame of their mistakes. She tells him that she doesn’t want him to hurt himself. She asks him to plan the birthday well. He wants to plan Dussehra as well. He looks ahead to celebrate Dussehra with Kairav. He requests Naira not to take Kairav away from him. He asks Kairav to stay in Udaipur. Kairav doesn’t want to go to Goa. He is upset knowing his parents were fighting for him. Kairav makes a blunder and puts himself in danger to convince his parents.

Kartik and Naira rush and save Kairav from the fire. Kairav wants to stay with both his parents, only when Kartik pays respect to Naira. He can’t see Kartik becoming a reason for Naira’s sorrow. Will Kartik and Naira be able to end his misunderstanding? Keep reading.

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