Hotstar Highlights Today 22nd October 2019

Hotstar Highlights Today 22nd October 2019

Hotstar Highlights Today 22nd October 2019 Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka Roshni blindly believes her foster mother Salma. Salma sells off Roshni to a married man Sameer. She wants Sameer to take away Roshni. She hopes to live a lavish life. Aman cares for Ada, thinking she is his wife. He wants to protect her. He calls her parents home and asks them to take Ada home. Ada wants to tell him that he didn’t marry her but the Jinn. Aman doesn’t let her say the truth and sends her off. Salma emotionally blackmails Roshni. She wants Roshni to get married in a decent family. She fakes the goodness drama. Roshni feels proud of Salma.

She is indebted to Salma for raising her. Salma asks Roshni to get ready for her engagement with Sameer. Roshni doesn’t like Sameer. She is helpless because of Salma. Sameer tries to show favors on Roshni. He promises to complete her dreams. Salma gets the cheque from Sameer. She knows he is married and also has a child. She hides the truth from Roshni. On the other hand, Raakh Jinn returns to Aman to give him the warning of the upcoming Jinn. She tells him that he can’t face the next Jinn who will be bringing the dark storm in his house.

Aman gets worried when the Jinn snatches Parveen’s consciousness. Aman wants to revive Parveen. He follows Ada to get her help in saving his mother. He realizes that she isn’t the Ayana, she can’t save Parveen’s life. Aman begins the hunt for Ayana and reaches Roshni.

Reviewed Rating for this particular episode: 3/5
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Lovely leaves the house much to everyone’s shock. Gayatri sheds tears. Ronak gets Lovely’s letter. Ronak rushes to get Lovely back. Lovely gets troubled by the goons. Dipendar’s brother Surendar saves Lovely. He meets her family and blames them for not looking after Lovely well. Ronak apologizes to Lovely. He asks her to come home and bless him for the marriage. Gayatri also requests Lovely. They make Muskaan request Lovely as well. Lovely wins in her plan. Ronak wants to talk to his family. Muskaan thinks how did Lovely change so much. She knows that Lovely is planning something big.

She stays alert. Ronak tells them that Muskaan was a dancer before, but now she is going to become his wife. He asks them to take seven vows as well, when he marries Muskaan. Sir ji gets his final surgery done. Ronak tells the family that Muskaan will have a relation with everyone, else he will leave the house. He gives time to them to think again. Lovely tells Surendar that he has helped her by sending the goons. She adds medicine in her soup. She doesn’t want to attend Ronak’s marriage and make vows.

She takes sleeping medicine to avoid the marriage. Ronak and Muskaan get ready for their marriage. Hanumant wants him to tell Muskaan about his condition. Ronak knows that Muskaan will think about the family first. He meets Muskaan. He tells her that he wants her support. She is ready to blindly follow his decisions. Ronak is happy and feels her trust is his strength. Ronak asks the family about their decision. The family is ready to make vows. Ronak finds Lovely sleeping.

Reviewed Rating for this particular episode: 2/5
This rating is solely based on the opinion of the writer. You may post your take on the show in the comment section below.


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