Yeh Rishta Kartik yearns Naira Vedika daring move

Yeh Rishta Kartik yearns Naira Vedika daring move

Yeh Rishta Kartik yearns Naira Vedika meets past Naira clarifies her decision to Vedika. Vedika feels sorry to put troubles for Kartik and Naira. She makes an apology. Naira has no ill feelings for her. She tells her that anyone in the family would have suggested the divorce. She asks Vedika to understand her situation. She tells Vedika that she had tried to leave the city, but Kairav is much worried. She tells that Kairav has sensed something wrong in the family and started staying upset. She wants to look after him and protect his happiness. She decides to stay back in Singhania house and let Kairav meet Kartik often, so that their happiness stays the same.

She tells Vedika that she didn’t wish to break the promise. Vedika is upset that Naira isn’t leaving again. She stays in her own problems. She doesn’t want her past to return. Dadi informs the family that Singhanias want to have the same relations as before. She is glad to get the Dussehra invite. Manish tells her that they will also try their best to maintain the same relations. Kartik gets happy to share the news that Naira isn’t taking Kairav to Goa. He is much happy to celebrate Dussehra and all the festivals with his son, who would be in the same city forever. He wants to meet Kairav.

Gayu reminds them about Vedika’s emotions. Dadi wants Kartik to focus on his marriage with Vedika. She asks him to give ample time to Vedika. Kartik doesn’t want to commit anything. He misses Naira. Manish knows that he isn’t ready to commit to Vedika. He is worried for Kartik and Vedika’s relation. Vedika wants to share the truth with Goenkas. She gets scared when she senses her past reaching her home. Naira is upset that she couldn’t fulfill her promise to Vedika. She feels Vedika isn’t happy.

Singhanias ask her to give some time to Vedika as well, Vedika will understand them. Bhabhimaa asks Naira to stay happy and enjoy the function with Goenkas. Naksh gets into preparations. He leaves the Goa tickets there. Kairav checks the tickets. He realizes that Naira is taking him to Goa alone. He gets too upset. He wants to avoid the trip. Vedika doesn’t want to go to Singhanias. She writes a note for Kartik. She hopes that everything gets fine. She goes to meet her ex to put a closure. She takes the daring step to save her marriage. Naira wants to know why is Kairav so upset. Kairav doesn’t share anything. He meets Vansh and Goenkas.

He gets annoyed with Kartik. He doesn’t love him and goes away. Kartik is puzzled seeing his behavior. Manish asks Kartik to bear his son’s annoyance. He reminds Kartik his childhood tantrums. Naira forgives Dadi and welcomes her with warmth. She treats Goenkas well. Kartik and Naira get together in making the Raavan effigy. Dadi is happy that Singhanias took the initiative to join their relations again. Devyaani feels the relations are strong. Dadi hopes that no new trouble strikes them. Kairav seeks Vansh’s help to change Naira’s plan of taking him away to Goa. He is upset that Kartik fights Naira so much.

Vansh advises him to fall ill or hurt himself so that he isn’t fit to travel. Kairav gets an idea to hurt himself. He risks his life. He puts himself in danger because of Vansh’s advice. Kartik and Naira have their cute moments like before. He recalls their past time. He wants to have the same relation with her. They realize their situation and want to forget their bitter past. They learn that Kairav is hiding behind the Raavan effigy. They rush to save Kairav and reprimand him for the wrong move.



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