YRKKH Mohabbatein Starplus Top 2 Spoilers Today

YRKKH Mohabbatein Starplus Top 2 Spoilers Today

YRKKH Mohabbatein Starplus Top 2 Spoilers Today Kairav decides to go away from Kartik. Kairav shocks the family by his unexpected behavior. He runs on the roads to get away from his dad. Everyone is worried for Kairav. The sorrow strikes the Goenkas and Singhanias, who are much worried seeing Kartik running after Kairav to save his life. Kartik gets in front of the car and gets saved from getting hit. Dadi shouts to save Kartik. Kartik gets hurt while reaching Kairav. Kartik and Naira run after Kairav. Kairav is angry on his dad. He doesn’t want Kartik to scold Naira always. He feels Kartik always behaves badly with Naira. Naira saves Kartik from the accident. They try to reach Kartik. Kairav comes in front of the car.

He faints down. Kartik and Naira panic on seeing him. They lift Kairav and take him to the family. They take him to the hospital. Pallavi checks him and gets some tests done. She tells Kartik and Naira that Kairav is safe, he fainted due to fear, he has no injuries. Naira gets emotional. Kartik breaks down. He feels guilty that Kairav is in this state of mind because of his bad behavior. He apologizes to Naira. Naira doesn’t want him to blame himself.

She hugs Kartik to console. She tells him that they can change Kairav’s hatred into love. Kartik can’t tolerate anything happening to Kairav. He knows that Kairav is Naira’s world as well. How will Kartik and Naira deal with Kairav’s hatred while preserving his innocence? Keep reading.

Yeh Rishta Terrific Kairav accident Hatred twist

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:
Karan and Raman realize that Ishita has a valid point, her doubt about nurse Thea isn’t wrong. Ishita makes the sharp observation and tells them that someone has sent fake Thea to mislead them. She asks Karan to find the details of the cab. Karan asks his manager to find the address of Thea’s house and inform them. They wait until they get the address. Thea meets her dad and is very happy. She is grateful to Arijit for keeping his word. Arijit pays money to the girl for playing the drama so well and easing his work. Arijit meets Neeti. He gets emotional. He reminds Neeti their old times and cries. Thea feels he is a good person and she misunderstood him before. Karan tells Ishita that they should rush to the address to catch the culprit.

They want to find out their enemy and not spare them. Raman wants to bask up the enemy. Arijit tells Neeti about his wife’s birthday. He misses his wife. He wants revenge on Bhallas. Ishita asks Raman not to do anything wrong and call the police to get the culprit arrested. Arijit lies to Thea again. He doesn’t tell her how he has rescued her dad. He hides the fact that Raman has saved her dad. He makes up a story and proves that he has rescued her dad. Thea feels indebted to him. He tells her that he can help her since she is Neeti’s caretaker.

Bhuvan shockingly informs him that Bhallas reached their house. Arijit can’t believe this. He thinks how did this get possible, how could they trace Neeti. He asks Bhuvan to attack them or faint them down by using poisonous gas. Bhuvan obeys his orders. He leaks the gas to faint down Bhallas. He asks Arijit to quickly make a move. Arijit panics and asks Thea to shift Neeti to a safe house, along with her dad. Thea finds it hard to leave the place in a hurry. Arijit tells her that they have to leave before Bhallas reach them.

He convinces her with much difficulty. He asks her to have Bhuvan for assistance. Thea takes Neeti and her dad with her. Arijit gets relieved to send them away in time, while he plans something big to shock Bhallas. Sudha and Ruhi try to track Karan and Raman. They make a plan to reach to the same address sent by manager so that they can find their family. Natasha interrupts them to know about Raman. Ruhi kicks her out.

Natasha informs Arijit that Ruhi is going to find her parents. Arijit is happy to prepare a new plan. He plans a cylinder blast to shock them. Simmi, Sudha and Ruhi find Raman, Ishita and Karan unconscious. They rescue them soon, without waiting for the ambulance. The blast shocks Bhallas. Raman suspects Natasha behind the crime. Raman gets Natasha arrested. Arijit sends proof against Natasha to get her trapped. He wants to save himself from their suspicion.

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