Kahann Hum Starplus Sonakshi in grave danger

Kahann Hum Starplus Sonakshi in grave danger

Kahann Hum Starplus Sonakshi in grave danger Sonakshi misses Rohit. She recalls their first meet and their journey. Rohit speaks to the police commissioner. He wants to find out why the stalker isn’t planning any attack as if he has learnt about the trap. Commissioner asks him if someone else got to know their plan secretly. Rohit doesn’t think this is possible. Commissioner asks Rohit to enjoy his marriage function and not stress about the stalker. He assures to nab the culprit in time if he arrives again. Mahesh gets a new task to take sweets to Sonakshi’s house. He tells that he will waste time in travelling back home because of much traffic.

He wants to stay at Sonakshi’s place and be with her. Mahesh goes to ask Rohit and take his permission. Rohit finds Mahesh around but doesn’t doubt initially. He asks him to give his surprise gift to Sonakshi. He permits Mahesh to help Rastogis in petty tasks. Mahesh gets glad. Suman is afraid for Sonakshi’s marriage facing issues. Sonakshi doesn’t believe in anything such. She is sure that her marriage will happen smoothly. Netra gets a huge shock when the editor calls her up to inform about the damaged chip. She can’t believe it. She wonders how will the show manage without Sonakshi’s back up scenes.

She rushes to the sets to find out the fault. Veena asks Raima to help her in deciding a gift for Sonakshi. Raima doesn’t want her choice to be forced on Rohit and Sonakshi. She doesn’t want to interfere in any marriage related talks. She gets rude and makes a leave, which worries Veena. Raima doesn’t want to witness Rohit’s marriage with Sonakshi. She packs her bag to make a leave, but comes in Rohit’s sight. Rohit stops her from leaving just for Sonakshi’s sake. He doesn’t want Sonakshi to learn about Raima’s disturbing step.

He wants Sonakshi’s happiness. Raima gets angered that he is compelling her to attend the marriage just for Sonakshi’s happiness. He tells her that he will oust her after the marriage function. Raima feels insulted. Meanwhile, Netra fears of the penalties and losses. She gets too worried. She doesn’t want to call Sonakshi for shoot again. She wants Sonakshi to enjoy her marriage function without any tension. She gives some ideas to editor to manage one episode without Sonakshi. Sulochana asks Raima to stay back. Raima wants to take Sonakshi’s place in mandap. She asks Sulochana to help her.

Mahesh gets glad to see pretty Sonakshi. He hands over Rohit’s surprise. Sonakshi and her family get happy watching Rohit’s cute recorded video message. Suman feels Sonakshi is really lucky to get a good husband like Rohit. Suman turns emotional. Rohit relieves her tensions and insecurities. Sonakshi gets the cute filmi surprise by entire Sippy family. Mahesh controls his anger. He wants to snatch Sonakshi from Rohit.

Rohit shares his tensions with Yash. He feels the stalker knows their plans. He then recollects and suspects Mahesh for his evil conspiracies. He rushes to Sonakshi’s house to save her from Mahesh. Sonakshi falls in grave danger because of Mahesh’s next evil move. He fails to stop the marriage, so he puts Sonakshi in fire. He acts heroic to save Sonakshi’s life.

Kumkum YRKKH

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