Kumkum Bhagyaa Shocking Prachi faces aftermaths

Kumkum Bhagyaa Shocking Prachi faces aftermaths

Kumkum Bhagyaa Shocking Aftermaths Prachi Sanju is sure to marry Prachi and take her home. Prachi stays away from Sanju. The guests gossip about Prachi and call her a characterless girl. Ranbir can’t believe this. Rhea thinks everyone will not blame her. She acts innocent when Aaliya questions her. She frames Prachi badly. She wants to know about Abhi. Aaliya doesn’t comment much. She asks Rhea to get Prachi out of the room. She doesn’t want anyone to stop her. Meanwhile, Abhi is at Disha’s award. He tells Purab that he has saved him from Aaliya. Purab thanks Abhi for his favor.

Abhi asks him to be more grateful and make his name’s tattoo. Abhi wants him to tell him about visiting Disha next time. Purab tells Abhi about his findings about Disha’s lie. He tells that Disha has no affair with Ritik. Disha realizes that she has told wrong about Ritik to Purab. She asks him to celebrate Diwali with her, since Abhi and Purab are here. He catches her lie. She tries to cover up her plan to mislead Purab. Prachi gets to consciousness, aware of Rhea’s worst plan against her. Sanju wants to keep his good image so that she gets his support.

He wants to win her trust so that she agrees for marriage. He behaves good and innocent. Rhea reaches Prachi to take her. Prachi asks Rhea the matter. Rhea informs her that Aaliya has summoned her. Purab tells Abhi that he had answered Disha’s call and got to know the truth. Abhi knows the reason for Disha’s lie. He asks him to find out why is Disha lying. He feels Disha still loves him and doesn’t want him to go away. He asks Purab to marry Disha. Purab asks Abhi not to joke. Abhi knows that Purab is scared of rejection.

Purab knows that Disha will really reject him. Abhi enjoys playing the cupid between Purab and Disha. He laughs seeing Purab’s jealousy. Abhi finds an idea to know about Disha and Ritik. He reminds his favorite card game by which they can make Disha admit the truth. Purab is proud of him. Dida and Meer rejoin the party and find the odd silence. Priyanka reveals about Prachi’s indecent act. Abhi asks Disha and Ritik to play the black card game with them. Purab asks her to say the truth.

Ritik knows about the game rules. Abhi tells Purab that Ritik looks like a champion. Shahana learns about Prachi falling into a bad trap. She wants to know who is behind this. Shahana can’t believe it. She defends Prachi after hearing the nonsense from Priyanka. Ranbir stays tight lipped. He doesn’t know whom to believe after watching the live footage. Pragya calls Prachi to inform her about her arrival. She worries for Prachi when the latter doesn’t answer the call.

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  1. boo……. dirty plannings and wicked plottingso. you call it family drama. no girl will do harm to fellow girl like the way you are showing in this stupid drama. …chi.

  2. I started to watch this show just because of #Abhigya but they have been introducing new characters every now and then which made me change my mind

    • Exactly. It become so bore. The humour and enjoy mood vanished from the serial.but still I see this only because of Abhigya

  3. Exactly. Women in this show are like cats. Why can’t the show like both are sisters n they both like each other n finally they come to know that their relationship is not confined to college only but they have blood relation also. Itna kharab story line chi chi chi…… The trip sd b 0

  4. Constant derogatory references to “middle class” speaks of petty mindedness of the makers. The very words are mentioned so despicably and demeaningly!!!!
    I think the makers should be sued for defamation and character assassinations. Instead of showing positive vibes and nation building elements the serial is full of negativity…… the same trend is followed in kundali bhagya…… such serials alone are enough to ruin the unity of this nation!!!

  5. Just wind up the show. It going on for the past 5 years. Now it’s too much to continue this boring serial any more. At last the serial will ruin their good name.


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