Kassauti Zindagi Star Plus Komolika brings Anupre closer

Kassauti Zindagi Star Plus Komolika brings Anupre closer

Kassauti Zindagi Star Plus Komolika brings Anupre closer Komolika gets to learn about Anurag and Prerna’s love story from Ronit. Ronit gives her the insights to the extent he knows about them. He assures to find out more about AnuPre and inform his sister. Komolika has already got Prerna’s house burnt. She wants to burn Prerna’s life and happiness too. She herself gets into trouble, by the hot coffee kept by Prerna in the cabin. She swears to not leave the staff person who kept the steaming hot coffee instead the cold coffee she ordered. She ruins Anurag’s desk in anger and barges out to find Prerna.

Prerna makes a mistake unknowingly. Komolika scolds Mala and Ashish. She instantly fires an employee. Ashish realizes she is hot tempered. She summons the staff person who kept the hot coffee in the cabin. Anurag meets Komolika and finds his cabin messy. She makes excuses and appears calm. He tells her that their photo frame broke because of him. She controls her anger. She asks him to have lunch with her. He refuses since he promised his staff for lunch. He asks her to go home if she wants. She chooses to wait for him.

Anurag and Prerna discuss a case in their meeting. He finds her hard working and is impressed. Prerna goes to the library to retrieve the files. Komolika gets an idea to put herself in trouble to get Anurag’s attention. She wants to get some alone time with him, since family members hinder romance at home. She wants to romance him some how. She finds the storeroom the perfect place. She calls up Anurag to get help. She damages the lock to fall in unavoidable circumstances, which will lead to their romance. She doesn’t want anyone to disturb her. She doesn’t know Prerna is already in the storeroom, finding files. Komolika gets upset when the dust from files get over her face.

She makes a leave to clean it and come back before Anurag arrives. Prerna gets scared and assumes her to be a ghost, after hearing a story from Mala. Komolika really plays the ghost in her life. Anurag reaches to help Komolika, while he gets stuck in the room along with Prerna. Prerna turns scared of darkness. She shares her scary thoughts with Anurag. He drags the story further to pull her leg. He scares her further. Prerna hugs him to get rid of fear. Anurag doesn’t know that Prerna has seen Komolika in the storeroom.

He doesn’t believe in ghosts. He laughs on her funny behavior. They find themselves locked inside. Komolika finds him locked alone. She gets a shock to know that Anurag is locked up with his secretary. She tries to call the peon to get Anurag out. Anurag and Prerna spend time. He recalls their past and repeats the moment by the thorn bird tale. He feels Prerna is reviving his old memories. Komolika finds out that Prerna is Anurag’s secretary, who is getting his attention again. She gets raging to take revenge on Prerna. Anurag reconnects with Prerna.



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