Kumkum Bhhagya Ranbir Shocking side stuns Prachi

Kumkum Bhhagya Ranbir Shocking side stuns Prachi

Kumkum Bhhagya Ranbir Shocking side stuns Prachi Aaliya gets disgusting to question Prachi in a bad manner. Prachi tries to clarify and prove her innocence. Sanju speaks in her favor. Aaliya asks him to stay out of it. She feels she has seen Prachi’s truth and now its her mum’s turn to face the ugly truth. She asks Prachi to call her mum home. Pragya meets Purab on the way. Prachi refuses to call her mum. Priyanka tells Aaliya that she will call Prachi’s mum and inform her. Aaliya isn’t aware that Pragya is Prachi’s mum. Prachi gets tensed. Pragya doesn’t answer the call. Pragya asks Purab why is he sorrowful. She lends her support to him in this tough time. Aaliya tells Prachi that her mum would be busy in some work.

The ladies insult Prachi and also her mum for the wrong upbringing. Meera tries to support Prachi. Aaliya doesn’t let anyone support Prachi. Daasi asks Aaliya to forget the matter and send away the guests. Aaliya wants to clear her family’s name from the dirty mess. She proves that she doesn’t support such wrong girls. Rhea doesn’t want Pragya to get hurt. She asks Aaliya to let Prachi go home. She wants the matter to end. Aaliya blasts her anger on Prachi. Rhea senses that her plan will leave Pragya hurt.

Aaliya tells Prachi that her mum also deserves the insult. She goes on breaking Prachi’s heart. Rhea tries to defend Prachi’s mum. She asks Aaliya not to involve Prachi’s mum in this. She didn’t expect Aaliya to take the confrontation so far. Prachi requests Aaliya not to speak ill about her mum. She regrets to attend the party at Mehras. She doesn’t want her mum to face the insult. Shahana finds Prachi in tears. She knows just Abhi can help her. She runs to find Abhi and get him to help Prachi. Abhi is with Ritik, instead Purab.

Ritik tells Abhi that everyone likes him. Abhi doesn’t like him, since he is Purab’s competitor. Abhi gets into a funny conversation with Ritik. He tells Ritik that he loves Disha like his sister. Ritik tells him that he wanted to have a girlfriend so that he gets Disha in his life. Abhi misunderstands him. Ritik makes a leave. Meera calls Abhi to inform him about the huge issue at home. Abhi rushes home to find out. Aaliya stops Meera from calling Abhi. She wants to punish Prachi. Prachi bears the humiliation. She apologizes for spoiling the Diwali party. Ranbir shockingly doesn’t take any stand for Prachi.

Aaliya throws out Prachi. Ranbir finally breaks his silence, giving hopes to Prachi. He wants to tell them about Prachi. Prachi finds him angry and expects him to blast his anger at her as well. Shahana gets desperate to find Abhi. Priyanka targets Shahana. She expresses her revengeful side. Shahana realizes that Priyanka has framed Prachi. Priyanka is sure that none will know the truth. She wants Prachi and Shahana to bear the same pain like her. Shahana cries in pain. Priyanka captures Shahana to stop her from meeting Abhi.

Shahana hits on her head to make an escape. Ranbir doesn’t condemn Prachi and her friendship. His words to support her surprises everyone. Aaliya and guests insult her. Ranbir wants Prachi to clarify and raise a voice to reach them. He doesn’t like Prachi in tears. He feels proud that his family supports Prachi and believes in her. Rhea gets raging on hearing Ranbir’s unexpected praise for Prachi. Ranbir tries to prove Prachi’s innocence. He wants Prachi to express her truth. He gets into an argument with Aaliya. Ranbir fails Rhea’s plans. Prachi feels happy that he is taking a strong stand for her dignity. Vikram feels proud of his son.

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  1. Same drama is been repeated… First ist was aliya who did the same to pragya and now it is pragya’s daughter who is doing it….. Atleast now make abhi and pragya come face to face and let the truth unfold…. And please give one slap for Aliya….


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