Ye Rishtaa Starplus Big twist on Goenkas picnic

Ye Rishtaa Starplus Big twist on Goenkas picnic

Ye Rishtaa Starplus Big twist on Goenkas picnic There will be big twist when Goenkas have a family picnic. Kartik is trying to bond with Kairav. He knows that Naira is right, Kairav may know his truth and get away from him forever. He believes in his relation and knows that he will win Kairav’s heart somehow. Naira senses a bad happening. She gets many bad omens and worries for Kairav. She feels Kartik and Kairav are falling in trouble. She tells Kartik about her intuition. She stops Kartik about going near the swimming pool. He believes her strong intuitions which turned true before.

He assures to be alert and protect Kairav. Naira is scared within. She doesn’t want any calamity to strike the family. She asks the family members to avoid swimming. She wants Kartik to have patience and let things get fine on its own. She finds Kartik hurrying and trying wrong things to convince Kairav. Everyone is happy to enjoy the picnic. Kartik challenges Naira for dance. They both have a dance face off. They enjoy their time. He tries to lessen Naira’s fears.

Yeh Rishtey Hai Pyaar Ke:
Mehul doesn’t think engagement can happen without Mishti. He wants to see how Maheshwaris manage the situation. Abir turns more willing to see Mishti. Mishti manages to reach home and decks up for the engagement in time, shocking Mehul. She decides to tell Abir the truth. Mishti recalls the help she received from Meenakshi to reach home on time. She promises Meenakshi to expose Mehul’s truth. Mishti and Abir head to perform in the engagement function.

Both the families unite and get ready to get related once again. Rajvanshs are ready to make Mishti their Bahu. Meenakshi loves her children a lot. She is upset that Abir didn’t change his decision to leave the family. Mishti performs in the engagement to surprise Abir. Kunal and Kuhu get into a romantic moment. Kunal wants to change his divorce decision when everything is getting fine between their families. Kunal and Kuhu’s love story begins. Mishti challenges Mehul.

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