Kundali Bhagyya Zee Karan Preeta Sherlyn new conspiracy

Kundali Bhagyya Zee Karan Preeta Sherlyn new conspiracy

Kundali Bhagyya Zee Karan Preeta Sherlyn new conspiracy Kareena reprimands Preeta for her plan to send Shrishti for spying on Luthras. She asks Preeta to come and get Shrishti, else Shrishti will get arrested. Preeta rushes to save Preeta. Shrishti emotionally moves everyone by reminding them their past equations. She can’t believe that no one believes Preeta. Rishabh tells her that she can’t feel their pain. Shrishti wants to know what did Preeta do. Kareena doesn’t let anyone reveal about the notice sent by Preeta.

Kareena tells Shrishti that Preeta isn’t Rishabh’s friend or Karan’s lover. She tells that Preeta doesn’t deserve to become their family member. She feels Preeta is selfish and doesn’t care for anyone. She accuses Preeta for marrying Karan just for money. Shrishti can’t believe Karan’s accusations. Kareena tells Shrishti about the notice, which cleared Preeta’s motives. She tells that Preeta would be coming to take her. Karan tells Kareena that he hates Preeta and doesn’t want to see her face. He gets angry knowing Kareena called Preeta home. Rakhi tells that she didn’t expect Preeta to take this step.

Rishabh tells Shrishti that he had always supported Preeta against his family, but Preeta had really disappointed him. Shrishti bears the humiliation. Sherlyn gets happy on seeing Kareena’s wrath. Shrishti tells Kareena that Sherlyn is the real culprit ruining Luthra family. Kareena doesn’t believe her. She asks her not to blame Sherlyn by staining her character. She feels Sherlyn is a nice girl. Shrishti asks Kareena not to take revenge on Preeta. Kareena doesn’t believe her. She throws out Shrishti, which shocks Preeta.

Preeta asks Kareena to stop insulting her sister. Kareena doesn’t limit her tongue. She doesn’t spare Preeta as well. Her anger gets high recalling the notice when Preeta seems ignorant. Kareena asks Preeta to stop the innocent drama. Preeta answers Kareena. Kareena insults Sarla as well. She feels Sarla is a disgusting woman. Preeta and Shrishti want to know the reason for Kareena’s hatred. Kareena tells them that Rishabh and Karan didn’t get trapped by them. Shrishti loses her cool. Preeta slaps her to calm her down. She takes the step to protect her sister. Kareena tells Preeta that Luthras will give her an answer legally. Preeta gets puzzled. Kareena tells Luthras that Sameer is emotional about Shrishti.

She doesn’t want Sameer to melt down his heart. She tells Rishabh that she was helpless to throw out Shrishti. She doesn’t want her family to misunderstand her. She asks Karan to stay away from Preeta, who wants revenge on them. She doesn’t want Karan to fall in another trap. Rishabh tells Kareena that his family won’t tolerate anything wrong. Kareena wants Karan to remarry. Karan doesn’t agree. Sherlyn asks them to throw out Preeta from their lives. She acts sweet to win Rishabh’s trust. She tells them that she isn’t their enemy, as Preeta always projected. She asks them if she had hurt their heart ever.

She fakes her love for Luthras. Kareena believes Sherlyn. Kareena wants Karan to divorce Preeta. Rakhi asks Karan to focus on his press conference. Sherlyn likes to fool the family. She wants the real drama to begin in the press conference. Sarla learns that Preeta and Shrishti aren’t at home. Sarla worries that they had gone to Luthra house. Sherlyn awaits the fake reporter to trouble Luthras. Rishabh announces the new music album launch. Rishabh handles the press conference well. Sherlyn plays her next move to humiliate Luthras.

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Kulfi KB


  1. Sherlyn and prithvi are always creating trouble and no one ever finds out the truth .they are always blaming preeta for everything..why she is always portrayed as a weak women.what about sherlyns pregnancy..is she pregnant from two years..there is no story in this show and it doesnt move forward.it is stuck in the same story from the beginning..I request the writer of the show to bring some positivety to the heroines character and find out the truth of Sheryln and prithvi..the show is dragging and boring

    • Very true. ..pray writer/director/others take note. …
      and punish Sherlyn and Pritvi as Lovely got punishment
      In Kulfi Kumar Bajewalla. Pregnanthe for 2 years…When
      is the delivery? ?????

  2. Such a boring story it’s been two years the Same old method always sherlyn and prithvi has to win the blame goes to preeta… I hope this serial to be floped…

  3. The writer is requested to bring a positive character in Preeta’s life which finds the truth out and is able to answer back the Light as mostly that wrecked stupid bloody women’s Sherliyn and That fool Kareena

  4. Writer ko lagta h sharlin or prithvi se kuch zada hi pyaar h . Show m kuch new lao kb tk preeta ko rota hua dikhate rhoge wo aaj ki ladki h use apne rights k liye ladna chahiye . Na ki attayachar sehne chahiye

  5. I have always known Indian films to be educative, and also showcase their cultures, but zeeworld series are just opposite of it. Always portraying Indians to be fools

  6. I really hate this serial..now why preeta always gets the blame.. And why Sheryln n Prithivi has to win always.. Please it’s high time to let the truth come out.. make it interesting it’s becoming boring to watch seeing preeta cry all the time.

  7. I agree from all the comments which is above yes now plz change the track and wake up Mahesh from coma and let him tell about preeta’s innocence n sherlyn should be punished and as well prithvi

  8. I find sheryln and Prithvi the main character..doing all their BS tricks n not getting caugh..everyone is blind just like the writer of this serial..change the script it’s boring and unrealistic..Karan with his useless temper, Rishab budhu..change the script or stop the show

  9. Very boring ,why is preeta always protrayed as a weak woman who cant fight for her self and she doesnt have any selfrespect. I want the story to change oreta and karan should be together and deal with the problems.

  10. Very boring ,why is preeta always protrayed as a weak woman who cant fight for her self and she doesnt have any selfrespect. I want the story to change preeta and karan should be together and deal with the problems.

  11. Let karan’s family know the truth of sherlin…and just move on in the story….the writers ar just stretching the story….like sherlin is pregnant from high time but still she is innocent….and showing no sign of pregnancy from two years… So i request the writers not to stretch the story….. that’s all

  12. Now karan Will accident by prithvi before misunderstanding clearance with peeta.
    Shreylin,karena and prithvi will not exposed
    .Now ekta Kapoor will start doosara padi kumkum bhaya it is not kundali bhagya it is murder bhagya and criminal bhagya

  13. All twist we have seen in Kumkum bhagya,same you are repeating again and again, Don’t have any new idea even always your bad man prithvi ask to God , please bhagwan is bar mujhe bacha lo aur aapka bhagwan uska bhed khulne se bacha leta hai , kya aapke writers ki soch main Bhagwan aisa hota hai ? jo sirf buro ki sunta hai, agar aapke paas achchhi story nhi hai to purani Film se chura lo per ye bakwas repeat mat kro ,aapki ( Zee) tag line hai aane wale kal ki baat karte hai aur aap charo prime time ke serial main baar baar vohi sequence dikhate ho,

  14. What happened to Sherlyn’s pregnancy?
    The euphoria when preeta and Karan got married is a forgotten story. Boring serial, please do something

  15. How come Balaji telefilms seriels always keep the lloved couple seperate. The story revolves around the same pillars.villains have a great time in the story. Sachchai ki jeet kabhi nahin hoti. Jhoot hi chalta hai. There should be a turning point atleast now. Pl. Change the story

  16. Terribly melodramatic..Preetha always in buckets of sorrow and Shirlin basking &gloating over the success of wicked schemes. Wake up you Balaji telefilms, there is no let up! The goody goody ones are always portrayed as dumb fools. Come on, gimme a break man, enough of the fake pathos and let there be some sunshine
    Prema P

  17. Ekta mam sherlyn ki delivery kb tk karwa rhi ho.lagta hai uska baby kuposhan se grast hai tbhi to sherlyn ka Pet bahar ni aya. Growth ni hui shayad..such a Bakwas Boring serial. Stop this negative show otherwise change the story. I want to see positive New things in this show.start again Karan preeta love chemistry and expose sherlyn prithvi…


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