Kullfii Kumarr Bajewala Starplus Kulfi New quest

Kullfii Kumarr Bajewala Starplus Kulfi New quest

Kullfii Kumarr Bajewala Starplus Kulfi belief restored Kulfi gets scared thinking of Sikandar’s bitter words. Inspector Tejaswini manipulates her innocent mind and asks her to help the police if she wants to please her Mata Rani. She asks Kulfi to reveal her dad’s crimes and stop him from doing wrong. She lies to Kulfi that Sikandar had burnt the building and killed many people. Kulfi can’t believe this. She feels helpless when Tejaswini insists her to confide the truth. She asks Kulfi to visit the Gurudwara and question her heart if she should share the truth. Kulfi goes to Gurudwara and admits Sikandar’s crimes while making her prayers for his better change.

She doesn’t want to tell Tejaswini about his crimes. She wants some sign that leads her to the right path. She meets someone, who gets scared of fire. He tells Kulfi that someone burnt her house. She gets moved on hearing the fire victim. She helps the man by providing food. He asks her to share her dilemma. He helps her by giving a coin to her. He tells her that she will get her answers. Kulfi learns Tejaswini’s lie. She gets to hear Tejaswini’s plans to get the truth out. Tejaswini admits that there was no human casualty in the fire incident, she just wants to know Sikandar’s crime and arrest him.

Kulfi gets relieved to know Sikandar isn’t responsible for anyone’s death. Kulfi returns to chawl. She looks for Amyra. She learns Sikandar is at home. She meets him. He wants to know if she had been him igniting fire at the building site. He can’t stay without asking him. She knows his heart. She tells him that Tejaswini was asking her about the fire incident. He realizes Tejaswini has been cheating Kulfi with such wrong stories. He gets worried knowing few people died in the fire.

He calls Sandy to know about the casualty. Kulfi follows Sikandar to know the truth. Sikandar feels guilty. He can’t believe that he killed people. Kulfi plays Tejaswini’s trick to catch Sikandar red-handed. Sikandar didn’t wish to harm anyone in his motives. Sandy tells him that there was no one in the building. Sikandar asks Sandy to find out at the hospitals. He wants to take responsibility of his mistake. Kulfi gets relieved to see his humanity still alive. She takes his test to find the truth. She is assured that he can never kill anyone. Tejaswini troubles Kulfi again.

She asks Kulfi to tell her dad’s truth. Kulfi speaks in Sikandar’s favor. She wants Sikandar to walk on the right path. She promises to change him. She makes prayers and spreads positivity around. She wants Sikandar to be happy. She tells him that he won’t face problems now. He wants to believe her beliefs. She understands his heart. Sikandar doesn’t want to become a good person, since he has tolerated a lot already. He learns that the fire incident didn’t had human casualties or deaths.

He realizes that Tejaswini is playing the game to use Kulfi against him. He gets free of his guilt burden. Sikandar doesn’t want to fall helpless ever. Kulfi gets determined to visit Kartaarpur Gurudwara and pray for Sikandar’s problems to end. Kulfi’s life gets a new phase.

Reviewed Rating for this particular episode: 2/5
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  1. Sorry to say but the hindi tv serials are becoming monotonous and boring on every channel. The story lines overlap and are so predictable. Writers should change the plot and rather bring them to and end .


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