Rishtey Pyaar Happy times for Abir Fate differs

Rishtey Pyaar Happy times for Abir Fate differs

Rishtey Pyaar Happy times for Abir Fate differs Mishti feels worried for Abir and Rajvansh family. She learns that Abir has left the house because of Mehul’s tricks. Nanu asks Mishti to get Abir back, Mehul is a bad person and can harm Abir. Mishti knows Mehul’s truth. She promises Nanu to get Abir back. She rushes to find Abir and expose Mehul’s truth. Abir understands Mehul is lying. He wants to test Mehul so that the latter admits his evil truth himself. Mishti seeks help from Kuhu to track Abir. Abir tells Mehul that they will prove Meenakshi by declaring that they will never claim her property. He tells that they should respect relations than money, they will teach a lesson to Meenakshi.

He angrily drives the jeep speedily, which scares Mehul. Mehul just loves Abir’s property. He asks Abir not to leave his rights on property and mend terms with Meenakshi. He tries to change Abir’s mind for the sake of money. Abir realizes his plans. He drives the jeep like flying in air. Mehul fears to die. He fails to convince Abir that they should go home. He blurts out the truth in anger. He asks Abir to risk his life, but spare his dad. Abir provokes him further to make him admit his crimes. Abir tells Mehul that they will never return to Meenakshi and reject the property.

He asks the lawyer to prepare the legal documents. He finds Mehul’s behavior getting strange. Mehul tells him that everything revolves around money. He tells Abir that he is interested in Meenakshi’s property. He admits that he had come to strike a deal with Meenakshi. He calls Abir a stupid guy. Abir gets a huge shock on hearing the truth from him. He reprimands Mehul and counts his lies. He tells Mehul that he knows about Mishti visiting Rajgarh on the Karwachauth eve. He warns Mehul against insulting Meenakshi. He spares Mehul because of their relation. Mishti arrives there to support Abir. Mehul tries to raise hand on her to punish.

Abir stops Mehul from hurting Mishti. He warns Mehul against hurting his family. Meenakshi gets the police to get Mehul arrested. Mehul asks Inspector to arrest Abir for the fraud. Meenakshi defends her son. She clears Abir’s name and gets Mehul arrested for his crimes. Abir feels proud to be Meenakshi’s son. Mehul doesn’t change. He warns Mishti of his return, which would be proved dangerous for everyone. He wants his revenge. Abir breaks down. Meenakshi pacifies him. They finally have an emotional union. Mishti doesn’t disturb them. She thinks of Abir’s immense pain and feels it. She is sympathetic towards him. Abir hurts himself.

Meenakshi promises to be with him always. She asks him to forget about Mehul. She feels she is at fault to hide Mehul’s truth till now. He apologizes for not understanding her before. He tells her that he will try to become a best son for his best mother. She forgives him. She is happy that he is with her. Abir feels she is really the best person, she never lied to him and always protected him from sorrow. Mishti has felt the same pain when Naman did wrong. She didn’t wish their fate to get same. Elsewhere, Parul praises Kaushal for being a supportive brother for Meenakshi.

Kaushal tells her that he just encouraged Meenakshi. Kunal feels he didn’t prove himself as a good brother, like Abir deserves. He feels sorry and realizes his mistakes. Kunal isn’t happy within. He regrets and feels guilty. He faces an emotional breakdown. Meenakshi gets Abir home. They find Kunal promising to become the best brother for Abir. Abir tells Kunal that he is already the best. The brothers have a union after long time. Their emotions highlight in their hug. They get rid of all their misunderstandings.

Meenakshi and Kunal decide to accept Mishti for Abir. Rajvansh and Maheshwaris enjoy the happy moment, since Mehul is gone away. Abir’s happy times will soon come to an end, when his fate plans otherwise. There will be unexpected twists in Abir and Mishti’s lives. Will Meenakshi accept Mishti, after getting rid of her big enemy Mehul? Keep reading.

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