Kulfi Kumar Terrified Sikandar Kulfi goes missing

Kulfi Kumar Terrified Sikandar Kulfi goes missing

Kulfi Kumar Terrified Sikandar Kulfi goes missing Kulfi learns about the Gurudwara from Himmat. She learns that person’s prayers get answered there. She wants to get her questions answered. She gets pleased to get the picture of the Gurudwara. She wants to go there. Himmat offers to help her. She asks Kulfi to come along with her. Kulfi wants to know if its too far. Himmat explains her about Kartarpur corridor, through which they can easily visit the Gurudwara and return. Kulfi doesn’t think she can go far. Sikandar learns about Kulfi’s wish. He asks Kulfi and Amyra to talk to him. He gifts them chocolates and sweets.

Amyra gets pleased with his gifts. He gifts a music player to Kulfi, knowing music is her life. He asks her to listen to songs every morning and keep learning. They love Sikandar’s thoughtful gift. He explains them that he had taken the extreme step to test them so that they never lose their patience. He wants them to keep courage and patience, so that their senses never get tarnished. He wants them to give another test. Kulfi asks him why is he helpless to do this. He wants them to be ready to fight every problem in their lives. He wants them to trust him. Kulfi knows he is hiding a big reason.

He gets emotional. He lies to Kulfi. He doesn’t want Kulfi to argue with him and disrespect him. He meets his doctor. He tells that his state is getting bad, he is tolerating much pain. Kulfi follows him to know what’s happening in his life. She finds him with the doctor. The doctor tells him that devotional belief can help him survive and battle the critical illness. Kulfi overhears their conversation. She gets confused. The mystery intensifies for her.

She decides to accompany Himmat to Kartarpur. She tells Himmat that she will be coming along. Himmat is more than happy to take her. Kulfi requests Sikandar to send her to Kartarpur Gurudwara. He is afraid to lose her. He tells her that she can’t go so far. He refuses to permit him. He feels anything can happen to him and he may not be able to see Kulfi again. Kulfi asks him to give their answers himself. Sikandar tells Himmat that he can’t let Kulfi go away. Himmat asks him to stay relieved, she will take care of Kulfi. Sikandar can’t explain that he can’t part away from his daughters in his final moments.

He apologizes to Himmat. He locks Kulfi in the room when he doesn’t understand. Kulfi begs him to let her free. Sikandar has his own reasons to limit her. He feels sorry to trouble her so much. He feels he isn’t a good father to fulfill her one wish. He is helpless to behave strict. He realizes his mistake to lock up Kulfi. He wants to shower love on his daughters. He goes to apologize to her. He finds her missing. He realizes she had head to Kartarpur. Kulfi hopes to get her answers and solve Sikandar’s troubles.

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Kundali Bhagya


  1. I cant even mic 1 episode. If I mic 19:00 I make sure I wait the repeat at 23h00.i mic old sikandar.but I dont understand how can thy can let kulfi 2 suffer so much but thy know amayra s not even skandar’ s daughter.

    • We miss the old sikander he should go home and kick that imposter out of there home poor kulfie is so worried as she know that , it’s not her real father sikander but she know it’s a imposter plz bring the real sikander back and let he love his dogter kulfie plz plz plz ???

  2. I think is time kuffi get her belonging in real world that’s disturbing for a child at the other hand Amaira is a heartless child and selfish ,how many times has she been saved by poor kuffi ? But yet she is still remain an evil one .

  3. Why is this story written THAT no one sees what a mean, rude and spoilt child Amyra is.
    Why should Kulfi always take a step back for her.
    All this makes me want to stop watching cause Amyra is never being reprimanded and Kulfi can’t even call Sikander her dad. Very unhappy…

  4. I like this show but it has gone off the original track with too much negative and evil plots. Bring back the originality of the show.

  5. Please let Sikander come back be a real father to Kulfi,, she is suffering so much,,, this imposter is boring now,, n Amry must be united with her father now,,, Lovelyn must face the consequences of spoiling the child, n bullying Sikander,,,


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