Kundali Bhhagya Zee5 Shocking declaration stuns Karan

Kundali Bhhagya Zee5 Shocking declaration stuns Karan

Kundali Bhhagya Zee5 Shocking declaration stuns Karan Rishabh and Karan tell the reporters about the music video, where Karan will be playing a cameo. The reporter hired by Sherlyn starts shooting personal questions at Karan about his marriage. Rishabh reacts when the reporter reveals about Karan’s marriage. Karan denies to get married. The reporters ask Karan why is he hiding his marriage. They ask about his wife’s identity. The Luthras deny Karan’s marriage. Sherlyn wants the reporter to bash up Karan further. She had leaked the secret of Karan’s marriage. Sherlyn is the hidden source for the reporter. He refuses to reveal about the news byte source. He asks Karan why is he denying.

Karan doesn’t want the media to question about his marriage, rather than focussing on the conference subject. The media wants to know about Karan’s wife. Rishabh politely requests the media not to ask Karan about his marriage. The media finds it a breaking news, which will surely be known to everyone. Rishabh’s request falls flat. Kareena gets an instant idea. She knows Mahira loves Karan and wants to marry him. She asks Mahira if she is ready to face complications from Preeta’s side. Mahira proves her love for Karan. She is ready to support Karan against all odds. Kareena takes Mahira to present her in front of the media as Karan’s would be wife.

Kritika objects to Kareena’s plan. Kareena takes the big step to save Karan from humiliation. Sherlyn nicely enjoys Luthras’ humiliating episode. She proves that she is a winner always. On the other hand, Preeta gets Shrishti home. She reveals to Sarla about Shrishti’s mistake. Shrishti complains about Preeta, who slapped her. Preeta wants Shrishti to accept her mistake. Shrishti reveals that she had gone to Luthras to spy on them, but Kareena had thrown her out. She feels Preeta should have fought Kareena instead. She wants her sister to be brave like her. Sarla reprimands Shrishti.

Preeta learns that Luthras received a note by her name and are much angry on her for that reason. Sarla wants to know about the legal notice. Preeta denies to know anything about the notice. Karan refuses to divulge any details. Reporter asks Karan if he had a love marriage or arranged marriage. Rishabh keeps on requesting the media. Kareena tells the reporters that Karan didn’t marry yet, but he is soon going to marry Mahira. This announcement comes as a shock for Karan and Rishabh.

Kareena declares Karan and Mahira’s marriage. She tells the media that their questions compelled her to make the announcement early. She fixes their engagement day as well. Karan feels compelled to obey Kareena. He wants the family to get saved from humiliation. Karan gets numb and stands still while the family drama goes on. Shrishti apologizes to Sarla for going in disguise to find out the truth. Preeta swears to not know anything. Sarla wants to ask Kareena directly about the notice. Preeta is afraid that Kareena will insult Sarla. Sarla wants her answers at any cost. Sarla scolds Preeta for not staying away from Luthras. She gets emotional.

Sherlyn gets cunning to handle the media in front of the family, impressing Kareena. Rishabh wraps up the conference. Kareena wants the media to not print any wrong link up of Karan. After the media leaves, Karan throws his anger around. Being his loving brother, Rishabh manages his anger again. Kritika finds Sameer locked. She frees him and reveals about Kareena’s announcement about Karan and Mahira’s engagement. Sameer doesn’t want Karan to go ahead for the engagement. He feels Kareena has made the matter worse. He wanted to sort Karan’s life. Kareena tells the family that she took this decision to get rid of media. Sherlyn acts understanding and supports Kareena.

She tells Kareena that Karan’s reaction maybe violent. Kareena asks the family to get Karan divorced and then get him married to Mahira. She doesn’t want the media to print anything about Karan and Preeta. Rakhi knows her move was for their betterment. She asks Kareena about choosing Mahira for Karan. Kareena feels Mahira is suitable for Karan. Rakhi apologizes to Mahira. Sherlyn gets bored of the emotional drama. She easily manipulates them.

Mahira tells Rakhi that she is happy and willing to marry Karan. She admits her love for Karan. Rakhi gets surprised knowing Mahira’s feelings for Karan. Kareena surprises the family. Rakhi gets in dilemma. She doesn’t think Karan would be happy with Mahira. Sherlyn succeeds to ruin Karan’s life. Karan stays in his ego and mad rage. He distances himself from his family and behaves immature. Preeta doesn’t care to clear the misunderstanding, being scared of Kareena’s wrath. She even stops Sarla from clarifying to Luthras. Will Karan get engaged to Mahira? Keep reading.

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Yeh Rishte


    • Hahaha gd question…almost three yrs pregnant that is a first. Not even an elephant stays pregnant for so long and not even a belly in sight. Soon u would b hearing d announcement of heir to d luthra family afterall she already made everyone believe that she and rishab did d deed smh. I cant see how a mother can let someone else decide d fate of her kids but dats wst happens in these kinda shows hmmmm

  1. That Shyrlin is a very big evil bitch. I hope Karan’s dad comes out of his coma very soon and puts Shyrlin in a very tight spot which will shock Kareena Aunty when Shyrlin opens her mouth saying that Pritvi is her boyfriend and has his baby inside her.

  2. Someone drag this Mahira out of the story…..she is jst spoiling it…or lagta hai show ka 10 saal sherlin ko pregnant dikha kr hi hoga…so gud luck writers??


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