Kundali Bhaagya Mahira Karan Preeta face this danger

Kundali Bhaagya Mahira Karan Preeta face this danger

Kundali Bhaagya Mahira Karan Preeta face this danger Karan denies to have any love feelings for Preeta. Mahira gets disturbed to see Karan with Preeta. She wants Preeta away from Karan. Preeta doesn’t want any nonsense statements. Karan tells her friend that none can understand Preeta and his relation. Mahira surprises Karan. Karan shows least interest in her. Karan’s friend thinks Karan was showing interest in Preeta, and didn’t pay any attention to his would be fiancee. Preeta barges out in anger and lands herself in trouble. She gets into a danger zone.

Sarla cries that Karan is moving on, while Preeta is stuck in the relation. She wants Karan to divorce Preeta so that she can also remarry someone. She knows that Karan doesn’t regard the marriage meaningful. She wants to give an answer to senseless and egoistic Karan. She gets angry and decides to meet Luthras. Karan tells Mahira that they can meet at home, she should have not come to his cricket stadium. He doesn’t want their pictures to be clicked. She asks him to select her wedding outfit. He doesn’t want to get involved. He gets rude. She understands that he is venting anger on her because of Preeta. Karan gets affected.

He wants Kareena to stop Mahira from visiting him at the club. She makes a leave in anger. Even she lands in trouble by going to the danger zone. On the other hand, Sherlyn happily meets Prithvi. She shares her happiness with him. She romances Prithvi and tells him that she bagged a big success. He can’t wait to know it. He reads the news of Karan getting married to Mahira. Sherlyn tells him that Karan isn’t married to Preeta now, he doesn’t regard the marriage valid. He tells her that its an amazing news for him. He feels proud of Sherlyn, who has won in her plans of ruining Luthras.

He asks her to snatch Luthras property and come back to him for their child’s sake. He gets greedy and shows his loyalty for Sherlyn, when he was determined to marry Preeta before. Sherlyn tells him that they will have all the richness and enjoy their lives. They share their joy. Meanwhile, Preeta gets upset that Karan isn’t understanding him. She learns about the construction work going on. The man alerts her of the danger. She tells him that she wants to be alone for some time. He asks her not to go inside the under construction area. She wants some isolation. Preeta finds Mahira crying and going inside the building.

She gets worried for Mahira’s life. She tries to stop Mahira. Mahira doesn’t hear her. Karan’s friend finds Preeta running to save Mahira. He tries to alert Preeta. He wants to inform Karan about the threat on Preeta and Mahira. Sarla takes the wrong decision. She wants Preeta to marry Prithvi. She hopes that Prithvi agrees for marriage. She goes to meet Prithvi. Prithvi wants to romance Sherlyn, while Sarla reaches his home. Karan’s friend tells Karan that Mahira went to the under construction area. Karan doesn’t worry much. He acts insensitive about Mahira. He gets panicking and rushes when he learns that Preeta is also stuck at the same area. His behavior gets confusing.

Prithvi receives a shock on seeing Sarla at the door. Sherlyn learns that Sarla and Janki came home. She hides from them. She wants to know why did they come to visit him now. Mahira feels Karan is hurting her for no reason. She doesn’t want to bear the injustice. Preeta tries to alert her. She tells Mahira about the risk in the building. Mahira doesn’t respond to her. Shrishti meets Sameer to get help. She apologizes to her. He too apologizes that he isn’t able to help her. She feels Karan and Preeta love each other.

She wants to help them. Sameer doesn’t want anyone to insult her. He wants her to leave from the office. He feels Preeta doesn’t love Karan, since she had sent the notice. He refuses to help her. Karan suspects that Preeta is deliberately troubling him. He goes to save Preeta. Karan’s friend learns about the danger increasing by weakened bamboos. He gets the rescue team. Prithvi acts sweet to impress Sarla. Sarla gives Preeta’s marriage proposal for Prithvi. This leaves Prithvi and Sherlyn shocked. Sherlyn doesn’t want Preeta in Prithvi’s life too.

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